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How Can You Become A Successful App Maker

Mobile applications have gone increasingly popular today, after the advent of modern technology updates. Creating an app may seem like a daunting task at first, but it is doable. If you have the hobby and the skill to make one, then you can make an income out of making applications.

Here are some tips on how you can become a successful app maker:

Watch and Study Through Tutorials


Even if you already have the knowledge and the skill on how to make an application, it is still highly beneficial for you to watch and study tutorials. There are various tutorials readily available on the Internet that can help you hone your skills even further.


The world of technology is very fast-paced, and there are always new updates made to existing software, styles, and gadgets, so it is essential for you as an App Maker to be updated so that you can catch up.


Provide Both Free and Paid Versions of Your App


Almost all mobile applications are free, as this is how you attract users to actually sign up for your application. When they get hooked and satisfied, they will most likely go for upgrades, even if these upgrades will already ask the user to pay.


When you have this strategy, you will be successful, as, from the very beginning, you have already attracted a potential market and have gotten them subscribed to, and using your application.


Follow This Process


Successful application creators have come up with a well-detailed process, which you can follow as you start creating your application, or even as you think of updates to introduce to your already existing application.


This process involves the following steps:


  1. Research and study more on your application, what it seeks to achieve, what you should include if it will be profitable or not.
  2. Define your app. A clear and concise definition of your app will attract users to download it on their devices. If they haven’t heard of your application yet from someone else, they will most likely read the description first before downloading. Hence, it is crucial for you to be able to have a brief, simple but very clear definition of what your application is all about.
  3. Create your app’s layout.
  4. Test your app’s layout and functions before actually launching it.
  5. Launch your app


Create More Than One App


The more, the merrier, they say. But yes, there’s truth to this idiom.


Refrain from putting out just one application in the market and relying on its growth for you to focus on first, before starting something else. For you to be a successful app maker, you have to do trial and error; This is achievable by launching multiple apps with different purposes, so you can find out which among these applications are the most used, most downloaded, and what is it that users are looking out.


You cannot have results if you stick to only one application. When you can find out which niche is more profitable, or which is most wanted by users, then you will already have an idea which area to focus on for the next time that you will develop another application.


Set Goals Through Your Application


Apart from earning an income, there must be some other reason why you decided to put out that particular app.


You have spent hours, days and weeks creating one, and giving in so much effort to it before launching; hence, you must be able to explicitly set the goals that your application seeks to achieve for its users and the goals that it will also achieve for you as the creator.


If you do not have these objectives in mind, then it is not worth making a new application over new application, as you will mostly stay stagnant in your road to success.


You can ask yourself the following questions:


  • What is it that mobile users want these days: What problems do they have? What games do they like to play? What is it that they need and want on their gadgets?
  • Can my application solve and answer my user’s problems, needs, and desires? If so, how?
  • Will my application be able to achieve results and reach the goals and objectives that I have set out?


Think Of Your App Like How A Fast Food Chain Operates


Most mobile users spend a lot of their time checking out applications on their phone during their breaks. These breaks can encompass lunch and snack breaks, a road trip (if you are the passenger and not the driver, of course), waiting in line in the supermarket, or even while you have your salon services done. Whatever free time a mobile user has, they tend to check out what’s new on their phone.


Therefore, expert application developers suggest that your app should be able to function to its peak and its full potential in a two (2) to five (5) minute time-frame. If it does not do anything productive for the user within that time frame, chances are, the user will delete your application from their device, and won’t even think about re-downloading it again. Hence, to stay in the market, your application has to be quick and precise.



With all these strategies in mind, you can now have your head start on becoming a more successful app maker. Let’s face it: more and more users are more prone to sticking to their handheld devices, than their actual laptops or desktop computers.


Hence, developing applications is a growing business, a steady way for you to earn an income. These tips and strategies will help ensure that you find your way towards achieving your goals as an application creator.






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