How is Android App Development Changing the Life And Business?

Android is leading in the market whether it is with software or with hardware. There are 2.5 Billion active Android devices and a total of 2.7 Million apps in the Play store. This means Android users have an app in their device for almost any and every task they want to do. Also, the tech giant Google keeps on launching the newer and better Android OS versions with fascinating functionality that keep both the business and general users hooked with it.


Whether it is about the general people or it is about the enterprise, Android seems to be the best choice. There are various reasons ios android app development has a huge impact on life and business and there are various reasons Android app development has a huge impact on life and business. Let’s figure out how.


Impact of Android App in Life


  • Manages Routine Tasks

Android apps are great for users for managing their routine tasks. The users can keep reminders about scheduling a meeting, reminders to attend those meetings. Everything can be done right through your fingers with some swipes and clicks. Picking laundry, taking timely medicines, and all the minor and major tasks can be managed with Android apps.


  • Improves Communication

Social media apps are a boon when it comes to staying connected with friends and relatives. Android apps enable users to do it very easily. Every business app or gaming app, or a wearable app can have the integration of social media.


  • Provides Entertainment

Yes, Android apps are a great source of entertainment. There are plenty of gaming apps for free available in the Play store, video streaming apps, live TV apps, entertainment apps to engage the users and help them have fun.


  • Automate Things

You need to pay your electricity bill, you no longer need to stand in a queue. It can be paid easily with an Android app sitting right on your home’s couch. Mobile wallet apps are great when it comes to making easy payments. Baking transactions, shopping, everything can be done with Android apps.


  • Convenience and Comfort

Want cooked food at the doorstep? Food ordering apps make it possible. Want to find a nice doctor and book appointment? Healthcare apps will make it possible. Want salon services without having to visit the salon? Salon apps will make it possible. So, yes Android apps provide convenience and comfort to the users.


Impact Of Android App on Business


  • Massive Audience Coverage

Without a digital presence, it’s difficult for a business to make a global representation. Having an Android app will allow the business to spread its wing and flourish. In the absence of the app, the business can lose out on a whole set of audience that could have brought bizarre business. Android being the biggest app store and covering the majority market with hardware as well, it’s easier to make your business reach the wider set of audience. Having an app does two things: simplifies the business and upgrades the process.


  • Marketing Tactic

An app is one of the best ways of business promotion. There are plenty of marketing activities to be done to make the business visible. Having an Android app will increase visibility among other local and global business competitors. Billboards, hoardings, flyers, and such things are antiquated, websites and mobile apps are the new marketing moves.


  • Customization

Every business is different, and so is its nature. If one thing worked for a business, doesn’t mean it will work for yours. Same is the case with the apps. Android app development offers customization. You can get an app developed which is customized just as per your business needs whether it is design or navigation or features or functionality, everything can be customized for optimum results.


  • Creative Touch

The business can be modified and upgraded with the help of the Android app. The users can be provided with timely discounts and attractive offers. The users can also be kept notified about everything through push notifications which keep them hooked with the app. It also provides a new channel for generating revenue. If your app turns out to be a success, you can place ads and make money from it. Also, you can keep subscription fees and make money from it.


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