How Phones Make You A Better Parent?
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How Phones Make You A Better Parent?

We’re living in a digital, connected world with a constant stream of new gadgets and technological innovations. Many people fear technology, and it’s certainly true that new innovations need to handled with care in order to be used effectively and efficiently, but there are so many ways in which tech can help us. The wonders of the internet and smartphones have changed the way we live, work, and interact with the world around us, giving us access to so much information at the click of a button, and smartphones can actually make you a much better parent too. Here’s how.

Instant Information

If there’s one thing kids of all ages love to do, it’s ask questions. Children are often eager to learn about the world around them, and the first person they typically turn to for advice, information, and education is their mother or father. In the past, if moms and dads didn’t know the answer to a certain question or weren’t particularly clued up on a certain subject, kids would miss out on valuable learning experiences. Now, with a smartphone by your side, a world of information is right at your fingertips.

Useful Apps

One of the biggest and best advantages of smartphones is the enormous amount of useful apps you can use on them. Many game and entertainment apps exist that you can enjoy with your kids during free time and leisure moments, but there are also plenty of parent-based apps too. These kinds of apps can include everything from breastfeeding trackers to parenting advice to helping out with grocery lists and more.

Educational Excellence

Phones offer so much potential for assisting with your child’s education. We’ve already looked at how phones give us instant access to reams of information to answer our kids’ questions, but they can be used in many other ways to help children of all ages learn and grow. Services like Superior Papers, for example, assist with essay writing, while apps like Google Maps can teach kids about geography.

Stay Connected

Phones are being used by millions of people all over the globe on a daily basis. It’s a simple fact that your children are going to grow up in this digital age and have phones of their own, so engaging with phones now and using them in responsible ways is a great way to stay connected with your kids and build up stronger bonds with them. Phones allow us to access all kinds of communication and connection services and networks like social media sites, as well as regular calls and texts, so even with our kids are far away, they’re never totally out of reach.

Safety and Security

In the past, when our kids were out and about, either at school or seeing their friends, we were limited in terms of the ways in which we could keep in touch with them. Now, smartphones have changed all of that. Not only can you use phones to keep in touch with your kids and check how they’re doing and where they are, you can even install tracking apps and similarly useful security apps to help your kids stay safe and protected, even when you’re not physically around to look out for them.

Photos and Videos

One of the most common uses of smartphones is taking pictures and recording videos, and the value of these images and clips cannot be understated for your family unit. Big cameras and clunky video cameras of the past are no longer needed thanks to the power of a simple smartphone, letting you capture all of those special moments with your little ones and store thousands of photos and hundreds of hours of footage to look back on time and time again.

Setting an Example

Growing up in a digital world gives kids a lot of new challenges to overcome. It’s a strange world for many and there are lots of threats for children to be aware of. Part of the responsibility of any parent is setting an example for your kids to follow, and you can do that with your phone as well. By showing kids how to responsibly use networks like social media, to monitor how much time they spend on their phone, to be safe with their data on their phones, and more, you can help them grow up and feel better-prepared to live in the technological world around them.


Phones aren’t perfect. They come with some issues and they can cause problems for parents and kids alike. It’s vital to never use your phone too much or rely too heavily on it, but if you’re careful and act with moderation, your phone can actually become one of your strongest parenting tools. The communication potential, fun features, and helpful apps offered by phones gives them so much potential for positivity in your family. They can be used to teach kids new skills, broaden their knowledge, help them stay safe, and aid them with growing and developing into well-rounded people who are ready to face the world.

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