How To Build a Computer For Trading and Sports Betting

How To Build a Computer For Trading and Sports Betting

An increasing number of people worldwide are betting on sports and dipping their toes into the world of trading. The enforced COVID-19 related lockdowns have seen people turn their attentions to new hobbies while they are unable to enjoy their usual activities. Some people want their hobby to provide them with a side income; others are looking for a new job entirely.

The online sports betting world is booming right now and is one of the biggest industries in the world, with an estimated market worth $203 billion. Millions of bettors log into their Vegas online sports betting accounts every day in the hope of beating the bookmaker. The same is true of day traders who essentially bet on the stock market, commodities, or on the many cryptocurrencies that are so popular these days.

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Betting sites and the majority of trading platforms are easily accessible with the most primitive of technology. The companies want as many people as possible to use their products, so create easy-to-navigate Android and iOS apps or make their websites available on mobile phones and tablets. By all means, use these, but you want a professional set up ideally.

Having the best tools to work with puts you at an advantage over those who do not. Imagine an opening batsman who uses a bat purchased off the shelf at a sports store and compare him to someone using a bat from a major manufacturer that has spent countless hours developing the perfect bat. Both will score you runs, but you better believe the cricketer with the technologically advanced bat is going to score more.

You can make money from betting and trading using your phone or a budget PC, but building a professional computer and workstation makes turning a profit more likely.

There are a wealth of options when it comes to building a computer, so much so that the sheer number of choices put people off even trying. It need not be scary; it is actually quite simple once you narrow down your options to a few key components.

Speed is of the essence

A PC for sports betting and day trading professionally needs to be fast, especially in trading. Money is won and lost in mere seconds, so having fast parts is vital to success.

Start with your CPU, also known as your processor. This is your computer’s brain. It does all the calculations and runs the show. You have a choice of Intel or AMD. The latest Ryzen CPUs are immense and far better than Intel in all benchmarks. The Ryzen 7 5800X is a great CPU and one that comes highly recommended.

This CPU does not come with a stock cooler, and it runs hot under load. This means you need an aftermarket cooler to keep it working optimally. Something like the Corsair H115i Platinum performs exceptionally well for the price.

It would be best if you had a decent motherboard to house your components. Look at the X570 Tomahawk if you chose the Ryzen 7 chip. Its socket is compatible with the CPU, it has built-in WiFi 6, and those all-important M.2 slots for the fastest possible memory.

Speaking of which, you cannot go wrong with the Seagate FireCuda 520 M.2-2280 solid-state hard drives. Buy a smaller capacity one, perhaps 500GB, and use that solely for your operating system. Purchase a larger one, 1TB is sufficient, and use that for your day-to-day storage. They are lightning-fast and definitely give you an advantage.

Now move onto your RAM or memory. You want fast memory here, such as the Corsair Vengeance Pro. 16GB is enough but consider upping that to 32GB and ensure the speed is at least 3,200 MHz. The RAM helps your computer multi-task, so it is essential.

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How To Build a Computer For Trading and Sports Betting

Consider a dual monitor set up

You do not need a dedicated graphics card, but they certainly help. Graphics cards, or GPUs, are super rare right now thanks to a global shortage of semiconductors and the fact cryptocurrency miners are buying them as soon as they hit the market. A mid-range GPU with the ability to output at least two monitors is what you need. Something like a 2060 Super would be ideal.

All those components need a steady power supply. Corsair is the daddies here with their affordable RM 850W 80+ Gold fully modular Power Supply Unit, or PSU. This PSU ensures a steady flow of power and can handle all the components mention above even at full power.

Finally, look into investing in a dual monitor set up. Having two monitors gives you plenty of room to manoeuvre. You can use one for your actual betting and placing of trades while using the other for the latest news or live streams of the sporting events you are betting on.

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