How to connect Amazon Alexa to a Bluetooth speaker

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After reading my in-depth analysis dedicated to Amazon Echo devices, you have decided to buy one and now you are serious about using it to control the smart devices in your home. Not being very familiar with technology, though, you would need a support guide to help you succeed in this venture, and after you go to Google to search for it, you happened upon it right here on my website.

Are things like this?  Below I will explain, in detail, how to connect Alexa to a large number of electronic devices, ranging from televisions to home lights. For completeness of information, then, I will also show you how to perform the first configuration of the device, to prepare it for subsequent connections.

So, without waiting an extra second, take some free time and give it to reading this guide: I am sure that by doing so, you will acquire the necessary skills to succeed in the intent you have set for yourself. Having said that, I can only wish you happy reading and have fun!

Regardless of the type of speaker you are using, remember that to give voice commands, you must prefix the word “Alexa” before you even say anything, for the device to enter listening mode (when this happens, the front light ring should light up

The ability to connect other devices to the Echo line via Bluetooth or a 3.5mm jack cable is certainly a very positive aspect, especially for music lovers.

If Amazon Echo is a revolutionary object thanks to the many skills offered by Alexa, the audio aspect can be a bit lacking, especially in the more basic versions such as the third-generation Echo Dot, second-generation Echo, and Echo Spot. The solution can be to buy multiple Echo devices or an Amazon Echo Sub or connect your device to another more powerful Bluetooth speaker, such as Sonos, Bose, and many others.

How to connect  Amazon Alexa to a Bluetooth speaker step by step

Now, if you have an Amazon Echo speaker without a display ( Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Plus, Echo Flex, Echo Studio, or  Echo Input ), download the Amazon Alexa app, available for Android, to your smartphone or tablet.  and iOS / iPad .


After starting the app, enter your Amazon account credentials in the appropriate text boxes, tap the Login button and, once logged in, tap the  Continue button to accept the terms of use of the service.


Then, tap the button  Yes, select the model of Amazon Echo in your possession and, if required, specific and the exact version (eg. Echo Dot 3 to generation ); now, turn on the speaker and wait for the light ring located on it to turn orange.

Let’s see in detail what are the steps to be able to connect Amazon Echo to a Bluetooth speaker and thus stream music via Alexa:

  • Make sure you disconnect other Bluetooth devices as Echo only supports Bluetooth connection with one device. Place the powered speaker at least one meter away from the Echo device and enable the Bluetooth connection if necessary (obviously, the procedure varies according to the Bluetooth speaker you have)
  • Open the Amazon Alexa app, click on Devices (last icon on the right), choose the Echo device, then select Bluetooth devices and click on the button Pair a new device. You can also get here from Menu> Settings> Device Settings
  • Select your speaker from the list and follow the app instructions.
  • To disconnect the speaker from the Echo, say “Alexa, disconnect”. If the Bluetooth speaker you used was the last one you paired with the Echo, next time you can just say “Alexa, connect”.
  • If you can’t connect the Bluetooth speaker to your Echo device, make sure the first one is working properly, supports A2PD or AVRCP Bluetooth connectivity, is within range of the Echo, is on and away from interference. If the problems persist, delete all paired Bluetooth devices and restart both Alexa and the speaker, retrying the connection. To do this, go to the devices icon, select Bluetooth devices, select the paired ones one by one and click on Forget device. You Need to know more about please visit


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