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How To Create A Real-Time Application Like Snapchat

In order to create an application similar to snapchat, you must include certain feature in your app. Experts and professionals have designed a step-by-step guide to create an app. The process of developing an application can be divided into 6 steps that each entrepreneur or company must go through. Let’s start now to discover how to create a mobile application!

Step 1: Plot an idea

Every successful product, service, or business starts with an idea. Whether you want to create an app like Uber or apps like snapchat, this idea can be rooted in different situations such as the identification of a need or the need to help others. Maybe your idea can enhance your business, or help your customer service? In any case, to have an idea of ​​application is one thing, to know if it is worth it is another.

It is therefore recommended to consider these two questions:

  • How does this idea suit me?
  • How does this idea fit in the market?

Step 2: The objective

The second step is to determine your main goal. What do you want to accomplish with your application? For what reasons do you want to create a mobile app? You can create a mobile application for a specific purpose, such as optimizing your company’s internal processes, saving money, helping others, or promoting your business. Whatever your idea, be sure to know exactly what your main goal is.

Step 3: The concept

Once your idea, goal and target is clearly defined. The next step is to combine this with the benefits offered by mobile technologies. In this way, you will build a solid concept for your application. The key factors to aim fair will be the business plan, the design and the technology used. You must also choose whether to create an application for Android, for IOS or for both systems.

To create app similar to snapchat, you must know what technologies are used in the creation of snapchat app.

Language of development: Snapchat supports many programming languages ​​to get the best out of it. Bootstrap and JavaScript are used without any doubt for front-end development. Other programming languages including Python, Objective-C (iOS) and PHP are usually used to build an application like snapchat.

Cloud accommodation: Amazon’s web service (Route 53, Cloud-Front) were used for hosting. Snapchat also uses GCE – Google Compute Engine to automatically enhance scalability according to a number of users and manage general data storage for the time being.

Database Administration: NoSQL is used as a main database to support a great volume of organized data in a stretchy way and provide better performance that leads to build a widespread application like Snapchat.

Analytics: Google Analytics is being used to analyze effectiveness of website traffic and to gather data on content marketing struggles to make more efficient application and its response time.

Commercialization and support: Snapchat uses some of the topmost marketing tools to improve its market value.

Features to include

In order to have an app like snapchat, you must also consider including the following features in your app:

Lenses: This function is created for the people who love to add special effects videos with the use of face detection technology. The lens feature allows you to pretend as the appearance of a video or a photo. It has become one of the most welcoming features among Snapchat users.

Geo filters: One of the most valued and special vivid overlays that allows the user to use a positive geographical location to mark the location in the images. Filter apps like snap chat must have graphic or visual overlays.

Discover and live story posting: A concurrent functionality that allows a user to post a photo or video as a live story. A story that lasts 24 hours from the moment of its posting. Discovering is another astonishing feature that helps the user to explore more about different contents, such as journalism or sports.

Audio and Video calls: This feature makes Snapchat similar to other applications, such as WhatsApp and Messenger, which allow a user to communicate through video calls and audio notes.

Step 5: The development process

Once you know exactly what your application will look like, it’s the right time to find the right developer. It is recommended that you choose a team of expert and experienced developers who got expertise in creating a clone app and know what features and things to put on your snapchat clone app. You can find difficulties in finding the right developer, using an online marketplace can be helpful.

Step 6: The launch

When the development process of application is over and you have your application ready, it’s time to launch your app in the online market. Keep in mind that it’s important to continually work on updates, new features, and improved content.

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Written by Lara Hawkins


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