How to Create a Successful Instagram Influencer Marketing Strategy

How to Create a Successful Instagram Influencer Marketing Strategy

Instagram is one of the most famous social marketing platforms there are out there. This platform can help you connect with thousands and even with a million people at one go. To create a successful Instagram account with real followers that interact with you is a work of art. This is because of the increasing competition out there, everyone wants to be a social media influencer or use this platform as a business page. There are thousands of people in this race but by reading this article you are going to stand out from the crowd.

However, we are here to tell you some secrets that only you would know to develop the perfect Instagram influencer marketing strategy. By following these tips, you would grow your followers at a steady rate. 

  • Interact through stories with your followers

Many people just forget this basic step and make this fundamental mistake. All you have to do is ask your followers about their opinion and open the spot for questions. What this does is makes your followers feel valued. Besides that, they would also feel invested in your account and wait for your stories. This would make you an army of dedicated followers, which would help when you are doing brand promotions.

  • Use Hashtags

It would be stupid to ignore the power of hashtags. The function of hashtags is that it can connect you with the same arena of people. This would create an interest in your profile. For example, a person searching for cooking videos will use #cooking and if your video is listed under it, you would get more views. This would create a new audience and could get even get you American Instagram followers.

Don’t use just a single hashtag, use all the relevant hashtags you can think about. A better way to do it is to research about hashtags of your genre and see what is the best hashtag to use. This would even increase your chance to get followers, views or likes. If you want to get rapid boosting , may find out about growth tools. You will find many tools like Hypeplanner and thousands of similar tools. But how to know, is Hypeplanner a scam or legit tool? Using a growth tool is a common practice now but figuring out the right one is always challenging. 

  • Content is the King

If you haven’t heard this, then you are in great trouble. Content is what matters. A user would not keep seeing your posts if the content is not of good quality. For developing good content you need to figure out one quintessential thing, your target audience.

Target audience can be divided between various age groups, genders, job type, etc. This would help you customize your content accordingly and get more views and followers.

  • Be regular

Most people think you can get followers on Instagram overnight. Well, that is not the case. You need to work on it regularly, for that you need to post things daily. If you are inactive for a long period, people will lose interest and eventually you would stop to get views on your post. For this you can schedule your posts in regular intervals, just keep these intervals constant and well timed.

  • Stories have more reach than post

Yes, this is true and it is a fact. Stories stay for 24 hours while if someone missed your post on the timeline, it is gone. So what should you do when you have an important announcement to make like your new product launching? Simple, do both. Post a story and a post, this would ensure maximum views and participation from the followers. This is a simple though innovative trick that has helped many people.

  • Do not go for fake followers

This is the worst thing that you can do for your profile. The reason is simple, brands before approaching you check your profile and if your likes to follower ratio does not match, they know the followers are not real. What this would do is ensure that no matter how many likes you get, you would never be approached by big brands.

Instead of this, follow the above steps and be patient. The key to Instagram is growing daily and working on your profile. Slowly but gradually you will get there.


There are many tips that one provide you but always stick with the basics. These would help you grow, don’t do anything rash otherwise it can have negative consequences. Be kind to your followers, keep posting interactive stories and posts, use hashtags and be consistent.

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