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How To Enable Notification in the Taskbar When you press Caps Lock Or Number Lock

 I already shown
you How to Play Sound when Caps Lock, Num Lock, Scroll Lock Enabled. in this article I’ll show you
how to get a notification in your Taskbar when you accidentally pressed the caps
lock or number lock. Here’s how to.
To get
notification in your Taskbar, follow the steps:
Download and install TrayStatus you can find it in the system tray.
You can enable more options by clicking
icon of TrayStatus and heading to settings of TrayStatus, for example you can
also enable for shift key notification etc.

There will separate icons for each, for example: there will be icon for caps
lock and a different icon for another action you checked.

So now you will notifications for the buttons you
pressed and in this way you can avoid many typing errors like sometimes
accidentally types capital in a sentence and have to rewrite.
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