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How to hack someone’s Tinder with SpyMyFone

Tinder is a great social platform to meet new people and get into a new relationship. If you are in doubt that your partner is cheating on you or your child is misusing it by using the application without your permission or concern then you can spy over them using SpyMyFone.

SpyMyFone is a great application which can help you to sneak into your partner’s or ward’s tinder account and find out if any mischievous game being played there.

You can access their account and chat remotely on your mobile device anytime by using this application to spy on Tinder. Know more about the features of this tool is the following paragraphs.

Check and store messages

You can access as well as store all messages of all chat conversations using this tool. The messages are shown along with necessary details such as timestamps of the chat etc. The chats are stored on the device even when it is deleted from the conversation.

Users can also store messages on their device as well as take screenshots of the chat for future evidence.

Set message alert

Can set an alert for when the target device receives a message from a particular account.

Monitor app usage

Users can also monitor the usage of the app. The app also shows when the app was used recently, and for how much time and also other necessary information regarding its activity.

Search in conversations

Using the search bar, one can easily search in between the conversation and for a particular word or a phrase.

Block the application remotely

If you have a clear doubt regarding the misuse of the application, then you can block the application from the target device remotely from your device. The user won’t be able to install the same application on its device unless you grant permission to do so.

No root permissions required

The app doesn’t require any special root permission to track data from the device. Mostly many apps in this field need root access, but you just need to install this application on the target device.


SpyMyFone is one of the best tools which can be used to keep an eye on your partner’s or your child’s tinder account. As it is a good place to meet up with new people and get into new relationships, hence it must be checked regularly to maintain trust on your partner. SpyMyFone is the right tool to do this for you.

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