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How To Keep Your Facebook Data Secured While You Are On Facebook?

Today, Facebook has embraced a significant part of the contemporary lifestyle. The more and more time you spend on social media, you stand more and more chances of staking your online privacy and safety. This is a serious matter of concern, and you need to look around for probable solutions to the challenges. Fortunately, there are ample of ways to materialize these plans that will enable you to use the social media sites, exploring the Hotozcoupons and Dealvoucherz, for instance, without staking your privacy and confidentiality. You can also secure your data by getting many software along with different promo codes, discount codes, Offers and deals at discounted price from top Brands.

Change your settings on Facebook at its earliest

The first and foremost important step to take to secure your Facebook data is that you need to adjust the Facebook settings. On this platform, you can find some simple yet effective settings that enable the users to control the quality of the videos and images that you share on this platform from your smart devices. In addition, users can even control the videos that you upload on Facebook. You can make the desired changes through the following steps:

  • You need to open the Facebook app from your Smartphone.
  • Click on the Hamburger Icon
  • You need to click on the settings option that you will find below the Privacy and settings option.
  • Now, you need to go to the Media & Contacts Option.
  • Click on the Videos & Photo tab.
  • Now, you have to toggle upload the HD button that you will find below the Video settings.

Once the steps discussed above are completed, you require clicking on the Video settings, and subsequently, you have to tap on the “Never Auto-Play” option or the “Wi-Fi Connections only” tabs. You can make the selection based on your convenience and choices.

 Embrace the Data Saver

Facebook users can even explore the Data Saver option that comes highly effective to reduce the size of the image as well as disable the Video play option. To accomplish this plan, you need to move as follows:

  1. Start by tapping on the Hamburger icon
  2. Hit the Privacy and settings option.
  3. Click on the Data Saver Option.

With the tricks and tips suggested above, you can secure your privacy and confidentiality on Facebook as well as keep your data secured. This way, you can go about enjoying Facebook to the optimum extent, and still, you can stand assured that, you will never experience any unsolicited experience like your data reaching the hands of the evil forces.

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