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How to Keep Your New Phone Safe

Whether you’ve decided to upgrade as a treat or out of necessity, keeping your new phone protected is important. While there is always the option of repair work, for most models these costs are expensive and they can easily be avoided if you follow some basic steps to keep your phone safe. From avoiding water to keeping it in a safe place, below are some useful tips on how you can protect your phone and avoid the hassle that comes with damage or theft.

Phone Cases and Screen Protectors

Your phone might seem indestructible, but the reality is that if you drop it and it lands the wrong way, your entire screen could smash — or worse. Even accidentally sitting on your phone when you forget it’s in your back pocket could cause chaos. The best way to avoid these situations is by investing in a phone case and a screen protector. They help to absorb the shock from impact when your phone falls out of your hand or from a higher surface, and screen protectors will help reduce scratches. They’re also a great way to personalize your phone as there are plenty of designs to choose from. has some wonderful examples of quirky phone cases that can also be worn across your body or around your neck for extra security.

Phone Tracker Apps

Have you ever misplaced your phone? If the answer is ‘yes’ you will understand the feeling of panic that overcomes you at the moment. Usually a friend or relative can call it, and you discover it in a safe place shortly after looking. However, for those occasions where the buzzing or ringtone can’t be heard, having a phone tracker app installed could be very useful. If your phone has been left in a café, at work, or it’s been stolen, these apps can help you find it.

Don’t Leave it On Display

This should be fairly obvious, but it’s surprising how many people leave their phones sticking out of their back pocket, on a table, or out in view in their cars. If you want to reduce the chance of sticky fingers getting hold of your phone, don’t leave it on display. Put it back in your bag or a secure jacket pocket, or leave it in the glove compartment of your car.

Stay Out of the Bathroom and the Kitchen

Perhaps you enjoy listening to music while you take a shower, or watching an episode on your favorite show as you soak in the tub, but if you want to protect your phone (or any other electrical device) do NOT take it into the bathroom with you. Even if you place it far away from the main source of water, the steam in the air could also damage your phone. This same rule applies to the kitchen, as leaving your phone near hot appliances or stovetops is a risky business, not to mention you could accidentally drop a pan or canned goods onto it.

Your phone helps you connect with others, and you must keep it working and safe to make your life easier. Make sure you’re following the tips above to keep your new phone protected at all times.



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