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How to Make Your App Survive Rigorous Google Play Store Testing?

As mobile applications are increasingly taking over other traditional methods of businesses, there are many apps today serving business purposes and customers simultaneously. As more and more businesses are choosing mobile applications to offer their best services to end-users, the hike in the number of app users is significant enough to give others a reason to upgrade their business with a mobile application.

However, not all apps are able to reach target customers. Developing a mobile application which includes all required functionalities is not as easy as it sounds. Even if you manage to get it developed on your own, how will you make it reach your potential customers? How will you promote the use of it? In order to make your developed application reach maximum user base, it is required to be uploaded on the respective play stores from where millions of global users can see and download your application on their personal devices. 

App Stores

Each mobile platform has its own app store from where users can download and view applications. With the highest number of applications uploaded, Google Play Store ranks in the first position among all followed by Apple App Store, sitting at the second position. 

To control the number of applications uploaded and also ensure the security of app users from possible threats, Google Play Store has implemented a certain guideline to be followed to ensure apps updated are safe for use. Therefore, it becomes important for the applications to follow these guidelines to get themselves a place over the Play Store.

Guidelines to Follow to Ensure Your Application Earns a Place in Google Play Store

Earning a position over the play store has become difficult than ever with Google changing the security concerns and updating rules to be stricter than before. But here are the tricks to save your day and assure you to get your app passed in the testing Google conducts.

Test it Yourself First

Having developed an application for your business, who else can understand requirements and functions better than you? Yes, you may not be an expert coder who understands every coding niche, but as an end-user, you can check and run your own application keeping the customer mindset and understand where it lacks. Also, slower performance or lesser productivity can be easily found out by you if your app doesn’t seem to match the standards set by you. 

The best critic for your business application is you and testing your application on every possible aspect by yourself helps you in finding out many faults before it gets sent to Google and fails the tests.

Work on Security Concerns

As technology is advancing continuously further, more and more cyber attacks are taking place. As there is a higher number of Android phone users, the primary target of hackers are these and they can reach them easily with planting a hole in Android applications these users have installed on their phones. And we surely don’t want our application to become one such hole in devices of our app users, right?

Hence, implementing security concerns in developed applications thoroughly is required. And to ensure there are no holes or possibilities for the hacker to attempt controlling over your application, you must hire a dedicated developers team who are experienced and skilled enough to fulfill all security constraints. Google thoroughly checks and removes applications which are possible threats to user’s security and we don’t want your app to be one of them.

Work on User Experience

What Google testers will look for in your app? The first and foremost thing for which an app is being judged is its appearance. Therefore, working on the user experience being provided through your app is necessary to not only impress the end-users but also, testers who look forward to passing the application having an excellent user interface designed. 

Engaging your potential users through attractive and excellent UI/UX helps you in earning recognization in the play store also. As applications earning recognization on play store are more likely to earn users and it increases downloads significantly, it helps you in earning more users ultimately. Therefore, in order to increase app users and influence more downloads, you are required to provide an excellent user experience that can deliver results.

Ensure it Follows all Guidelines

Google has specifically declared guidelines for developing an Android app and for launching it on the Play Store successfully. All the application developers are required to follow this standard to ensure they get the app developed according to guidelines pre-defined by Google and then only they earn a place in the store. Hence, it becomes imperative to keep your eyes on the updates in policies and release the versions of your application accordingly to eliminate the chances of getting rejected or your app getting removed from the Google Play Store.

Ensuring only ethical practices are put to use, your application can get a chance to earn reference from Google only and it surely opens up gates of many opportunities and gives your business new heights. 



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