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How To Market Your Online Business Using a Smartphone

In today’s world it is crucial to have your business in the 2.0 world, considering that most people are doing most of their activities online. Naturally, this means that as long as technology keeps expanding itself in our everyday lives, we must adapt to this reality to prevent being harmfully outdated.

This way, in case you have an online business and want to improve it in the best way possible, all you need to do is to make use of your smartphone.

Hubspot, is a great tool for CRM and data management. By using Hubspot data and integrating it with other data platforms you might be using (Google analytics etc,) you can visualize your data and get tons of useful insights. In addition to the different hubspot integration services, there are two strategies you can easily execute with your mobile device. Here’s how.

Using the Camera

Believe or not, your smartphone’s camera is essentially the greatest smart business tool you have. After all, you will be able to take photos and videos of your products and post it on your page. The reason why this is crucial is the fact that images are the elements that people feel more attracted to when buying something online. After all, this is the 2.0 version of watching and checking a certain product in a regular store.

On this point, it is helpful to take an easy course of taking pictures and filming videos with your mobile device, considering there are some photo tips that will make you take your pictures better and make them more attractive to users.

Moreover, another effective approach you can take with your smartphone camera is to take testimonial videos from satisfied clients and even take some real-time product images for enquiries. This is a very popular strategy, is quite efficient, and very easy to execute.

Using Social Media

This one is definitely the cornerstone of how to market your online business using your smartphone, considering that social media is currently the widest space not only to promote your product, but also to find new customers.

Basically, the goal on this point is essentially to create a very attractive content for people to feel interested in your business and buy what you’re offering. In order to make this happen, you need to make a little research about which is the type of clients that would buy your product or feel engaged with your business. Once you’ve done this, then you must create a type of content that somehow resonate with that base.

While marketing your online business is something that usually requires a lot of effort and the use of the most sophisticated programs, the truth is that you can easily do it with your smartphone. Is just a matter of determining not only the best characteristics of the products you are selling, but also which could be the content that your client base would like.

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