How to Plan the Development of a Tech Product in 2020

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Getting a new tech product to market involves several different stages. You’ll start with a concept and you’ll attempt to justify the business case before you begin work on the product. Then you’ll have to gather the skills and expertise together to help build that product, and you’ll need to set goals with your team to ensure that they’re working to a strict schedule.

All of this requires a huge amount of organization and that’s what this article aims to demystify, helping you develop and release a new tech product in 2020.


One of the major delays that tech products can develop is in the field of financing. If your teams are waiting around for the greenlight on some of their investments, on payments for software, or on the reimbursement of freelance and contract workers, you’ll see delays down the line. Avoid these by ring-fencing cash for your tech product, which can be accessed by your teams as quickly as possible.

Development Software

Meanwhile, your project needs some form of centralized planning facility and the best way to do this is through a software package that helps you map out the tasks ahead. Make use of product development software on the market today to keep your workers in the loop and to set goals that all your different teams will be able to work towards, helping your product get finalized in time for your launch date in 2020.


Sometimes, a tech product will require skills that you don’t have in-house. Unfortunately, it can be difficult and time-consuming to find the skills that you need for your business through the usual recruitment process. If you’re keen to get moving faster and yet you need skills to help build your product, consider searching your network for consulting and freelance help or partnering with an agency to help you source talent to work on your project.

Beta Versions

There is always a case for launching a Beta version of your app before your actual launch day. This is the same for tech products that run as software, or those that are hardware that you’ll release on the market. Being able to play around with a prototype can help you tease out the final issues with your product and add patches that mitigate against any errors that you find in your code or product. Use Beta and prototypes to make sure your product is perfect when launched on the market.

Launch Day

After all of your hard work — and often the collaboration of many of your teams — it’s important that you’re able to celebrate with a launch day that everyone has in their diaries from the start of your tech development project. This will be the carrot on the stick when the work gets difficult, and a moment to plan for and relish as all of your hard work reaches a head on one day of celebration and joy.

Developing a new tech product can seem daunting, but with the tips above, you’ll be able to compartmentalize different responsibilities to help you to work towards your ultimate goal.

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