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SoundCloud is the biggest and most essential music platform on the internet. They have completely changed the way we know online music distribution. SoundCloud gives independent artists a location to play and promote their music. Once you’ve made a track, you might be looking for ways to help promote and push it, so that as many people as possible get to listen to your music. SoundCloud provides users with lots of useful tools that can be used to help your music gain more listeners and help you get more followers. 


There is a lot of artists on SoundCloud. There are approximately 20 million artists all competing in trying to get their music noticed, many of whom are attempting to get their music career to the next level. SoundCloud has had a great impact on some aspiring musicians and singers. Artists like Post Malone managed to get over a million plays in just one month on SoundCloud. He went on to sign a deal with Republic Records and is now a big name in the music world. Other artists such as Don Monique and Kehlani have also achieved great success from getting noticed on the platform. However, just posting your music on SoundCloud and thinking you’re going to be an overnight success rarely happens. If you are struggling to get people to listen to your music, many artists decide to buy SoundCloud plays. Just click on visit website for more information.


Why Is SoundCloud So Important?

SoundCloud has approximately 175 million users in total and around 75 million users that use the platform monthly. That’s more than most of its competitors like Pandora, however not as many as Spotify. There is a huge amount of music uploaded to SoundCloud each day, statistics show that around 200 million new tracks are uploaded every 24 hours. That’s more than 12 hours of music, uploaded every minute. SoundCloud has 1.2 million music creators that are featured on the platform. No longer do musicians have to get their music played on the radio to get noticed. It is free to upload your music and it is simple with SoundCloud’s user-friendly platform. You can find all different types of artists and music on SoundCloud, however, it seems that rap and electronic musicians have had the most success. Some have even gone on to having number-one singles.


You Can Share Your Music Publicly

SoundCloud is a platform designed to make it easy for you to store your tracks. People can share links to their tracks easily on social networks, websites, chatrooms, forums, and blogs. The ‘’share’’ button on SoundCloud allows any user to listen to your music. Those who listen to your tracks can engage with you through SoundCloud. They might offer you some feedback, they might help you create a new name for the song, or better again, they might share it with friends who might also enjoy your tracks. 


Social media is a superb way of growing your audience. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., are all great ways for you to promote your SoundCloud links. You can create a poll asking followers to help with a title to a new song. On Facebook, you can ask users to share your music and on Twitter, you can ask users to retweet your songs. Instagram is a great platform to upload behind the scene pictures and videos of your latest gigs. Adding your SoundCloud links in the description section all help you get more attention. 


Build A Website

Building a website for your music can be very beneficial. You can publish links to your tracks on SoundCloud, you can add pictures, videos, and keep fans updated on when you will be releasing new tracks. You can create a forum page on the site that allows users to interact with each other which might help a community grow. Your website can keep fans updated on what dates you will be playing live gigs, where will the gigs be on and you can sell tickets or merchandise through your site. On the site, you could also allow users to input their email so they can join your mail list. You can send emails updating your listeners and fans on what is going to be the next step in your career.


Interact With Other Musicians On SoundCloud

Eventually, once your SoundCloud is starting to grow, it’s time to communicate with others on the platform.


Following fellow musicians, or fans of your SoundCloud music will help you grow. People who have liked your music might really enjoy it when the artist starts to follow them. By following other musicians might get them to listen to your music, and maybe they will share it with others. 


SoundCloud allows its users to leave comments on other bands’ songs. This gives you the chance to communicate with other fans and musicians. Don’t leave Spam or just post a link-up on the comment section as SoundCloud will automatically delete it.

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