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How to Protect Your Business’s Mobile Devices from Malware

The risk of malware is a growing one. Companies are grappling with exactly how to manage it and avoid mobile devices becoming infected (and company servers along with them). Given that not all employees will be using company-issued devices and may not purposefully install malicious apps or access infected websites, providing protection is very necessary. Here are some tips on how to protect business mobile devices.

Make Staff Aware of the Mobile Security Threat

Security on a mobile device is paramount. The threats are everywhere even if they cannot be seen. For instance, using a public Wi-Fi network carries with it considerable risks from a so-called Man in the Middle attack. Employees should avoid using a public Wi-Fi network and it may be necessary to prohibit them from doing so.

Without adequate training, staff can fall into online traps set by cybercriminals. Training should be provided to all staff about how to use their device(s) and/or company-provided devices safely. For instance, using a web browser like Chrome which alerts about flagged malicious websites is beneficial. Only installing apps from well-known software providers is also advisable.

Use Mobile Security Services

Specialist providers such as HLB System Solutions can provide mobile security for companies, which largely removes the potential headache from IT departments. It is up to the company whether they should only allow access to the company’s network from secured devices or also permit employee’s own devices too. The latter is considered riskier because it’s more difficult to limit what apps are installed, websites accessed, and so forth to minimize the risks.

Also, app updates and detection systems are more reliably controlled centrally rather than expecting each member of staff to be diligent about it. Not updating frequently can allow vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit.

Perform Regular Checks on Company Mobile Devices

It’s possible for businesses that handle security internally to schedule regular checks on mobile devices under the company’s ownership. This is not the case with personal devices used for business purposes unless the employee grants access to it or it falls under an agreement between the employer and the employee.

The checks can confirm that the device is clean of malware. Furthermore, it can assure that the apps that perform the scans are doing so correctly and are using the latest virus/malware definition files to capture all possible infections.

Active Network Monitoring

It’s important that companies actively monitor their network for unusual activity. The software can perform this task to alert about unusual file access attempts, deletions, and setting changes.

Also, it’s often possible to isolate where a breach in progress was initiated by back-tracing it. Some security breaches with a mobile device as its origination point have common approaches. Monitoring can be added to look for an attack where a mobile device was the weak link in the security chain.

Businesses must be vigilant about the threat that exists from mobile devices. Unlike with desktop PCs in an office, there are greater risks from malware, malicious app installs, and more that can give companies a really bad day.

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