How To Reduce Waste Onsite

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It has been made clear in recent years that businesses need to find ways to reduce waste so that they can reduce their environmental impact. Experts repeatedly say that more needs to be done in order to protect the environment to avoid a climate crisis, and it is businesses that create the most waste (particularly in some industries). Additionally, the coronavirus pandemic has proven that the environment can heal if people and businesses change their habits, so businesses should be looking for ways to be greener when things start to return to normal. Here are a few of the best ways that your business can start to reduce waste.


  • Remote Working


As mentioned, COVID-19 has proven that the environment can heal itself, and so a great way to reduce impact and waste is to continue with remote working. This means that people will be working from home and managing their own waste, which they are more likely to recycle as they will already have a system in place.


  • Go Paperless


If possible, you should switch to a paperless office. It is an excellent way to reduce waste, lower costs, improve organization, and free up storage space. Going paperless can even reduce your stationery needs, which will again reduce waste and lower costs. Paper recycling is a good step, but ultimately it is better to use no paper at all, and you might find that this is actually easier and can improve productivity.


  • Make Recycling Bins Easy To Reach In The Office


People will often simply throw an item in the rubbish bin under their desks because it is convenient, which is why you need to make it as easy as possible for people to recycle. You can do this by making sure that recycling bins are within an arms reach throughout the office or even have recycling bins underneath each desk.


  • Use A Recycling Baler


Following this, all of the recycling material that you collect can then be fed into a recycling baler. These will then easily compact all of the material into a block, which can then simply be taken to your nearest recycling plant. This can make it much quicker and easier to recycle large amounts of material and help you to cut down on waste.


  • Cut Down On Single-Use Items


Many offices provide single-use items for their employees, such as plates, coffee cups, plastic utensils, and bottles. Instead, you should provide real dishes, cutlery, and silverware and provide a reusable water bottle for every member of staff – this will cut down on waste significantly and will also help to lower your business costs.


If you are looking to reduce waste in the workplace, then these are all effective methods to try. This needs to be a priority in a time where environmental impact is such a big topic with businesses often facing the most criticism. You may even find that reducing waste can reduce your costs, streamline the business, and improve the reputation of your company too.

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