How To Stop The Class 0 Messages Of Idea

The idea is one of the leading Telecom Service providers which houses 196.49 million users as per the data collected till 31st December 2017. The network provides the high-speed internet and a strong network coverage makes the network the most favorable service provider in the country.

The merger between Vodafone and Idea lead to forming one of the hugest network firm in partnership. Well, now is these days the users are facing an irritating CLASS 0 messages which automatically pops-up. So, in this article, we will guide you to get rid of it.

The prerequisite is as follows –

  1. You must have Android 6.0+ Operating system.
  2. 2. Your Phone should have Stock Android Message App as Default.
  3. 3. SAVE the Popped up message and head over to the messaging app
  4. 4. Block the ‘IZ-IDEA’ contact in the messaging app
  5. 5. And VOILA! You are done !!

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Written by Rohit Sole

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