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How to test your internet speed?

We all come across the sad and frustrating moments of low or zero internet speed at times. Suddenly, our life is at hold just because the ISP didn’t keep their word. There’s too much buffering during our happy times and a zillion dead can rise by the time a mere email is sent. Really feel like smashing the laptop, at times, don’t you? We’ve all been at that point, it’s alright.

Life, however, can be made easy if you just test your internet speed every now and then. From when you are switching to a new provider to literally just checking the speed to see how much truth the service providers hold. Besides, testing the internet connection for its performance isn’t exactly university mathematics – it’s quite easy. You in no case require an extra software for the purpose but you do need a web browser, yes. There are a variety on online speed tests you can indulge your internet into but before we reach that point – here are a few tips to make sure your internet speed test is as accurate as it can be;

  • Use a cable/wired connection rather than a wireless one – this way the interference and performance fluctuations that might affect a Wi-Fi won’t tamper these test results.
  • In case, you don’t have the option of anything but wireless make sure to reduce the interference to its minimum by keeping all other electronics away and disconnected from the router (temporarily, of course!).
  • Do not have your computer or laptop downloading/ uploading a ton of data while you’re taking the speed test as it would create a disturbance in the test as well. Remember to check the task manager, using Ctrl + Alt + Del, and put all such tasks at hold.
  • A perfect way to make sure the connection is at its best is to switch off the modem as well as router and unplug them for a minute or two. This way when you switch it back on it would be relentlessly original/ pure.

Taking the Speed Test

There are a lot of speed test sites you can run to check your ISP’s providence. Ookla’s is one of the most commonly used sites for the purpose. If you want to be sure of the results – the best way is to go ahead and take the test using more than one site. There are a lot of ISP hosted speed test sites as well like;

  • Armstrong Internet Speed Test
  • At&t High Speed Internet Speed Test
  • Charter Speed Test
  • Comcast Speed Test
  • Cox Internet Speed Test
  • Speed Test Plus
  • Xfinity Speed Test etc


All you need to do is press on the go button to start the test and wait for the results to come out.  Speed Test Plus by the MegaPath tends to calculate the quality of your internet connection in relation to its raw speed. You can always go with the speed test evaluator your own ISP has to offer and see the difference between their results and someone else’s. Each ISP designs the test depending on their own services so when you don’t get the same results at other test – you’d know whether your ISP has more quality or not. Plus, it also triggers their honesty in case their test primes are lower than others.

However, don’t be anxious when the result aren’t what the ISPs offered to give you. Sometimes, they could be facing issues and the best way to tackle the problem is to connect to them via their customer support centres and inform them of the test results. They’d surely look into it and make it better – in case they don’t – you know you need to switch … it’s a win-win either way.


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