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How to unlock ZTE Mobile: The ultimate guide

There are a lot of ways to unlock ZTE mobile without voiding the warranty of the phone. Though you need to follow each and every step as written in order to unlock ZTE mobile.

Why use Unlocked Phones?

With unlocked phones, you can leverage the full capability of technological marvels.

You will not need a new phone to use a different service provider even when your cell phone carrier’s contract has run its course. Network providers upgrade their service every now and then, you can opt for better service anytime you want in unlocked phones.

Some of the manufacturers won’t even allow you to install certain apps and uninstall bloatware apps that you don’t even need. Unlocking your phone gives you full control over your mobile phone. When traveling abroad, you can change your carrier so it decreases overseas call costs.

Once unlocked, you can then use your ZTE mobile regardless of the network service provider. In order to unlock your ZTE mobile, you will need some information about your phone such as the IMEI number and unlock codes.

Getting IMEI Number

This is very important and also easy to get. Just dial *#06# on your phone. The number that comes up is the IMEI number of your phone. Note it down in a paper for future reference.

Getting the Unlock Codes

There are a lot of websites such as and Cell Unlocker that provide unlock services. Most of these websites charge a nominal fee to provide unlock codes. They will ask you to enter basic details of your phone such as IMEI number and model number. You will also be asked to enter which network carrier has got your phone locked.

Receiving the Code

Choose a service provider that sends you the unlock code via email. Once you have uploaded all the necessary information, the website will then analyze your device and will mail you the unlock code within 12 to 36 hours.

Using the Code

Before you unlock your phone, switch it off and remove the sim card. Read user manual if you’re not sure where the sim is located. Once you’ve removed the sim, insert a new sim card of a different operator.

You will see a notification saying you need to unlock your phone before using it when you restart the phone again. Enter the unlock code received in the mail and click on submit. You will receive a confirmation that your phone has been unlocked.

What if the phone does not prompt for a network unlock code?

If your phone does not prompt for a network unlock code when you insert a new sim, then the phone is likely to be already unlocked. Other reasons include:

  • Sim card slot is defective
  • IMEI is blacklisted by original carrier ( provides a solution for this as well)
  • It needs a different way to unlock

Can you unlock a phone in a negative band?

Yes, you can even unlock blacklisted phones. The problem arises when you want to make calls. Once blacklisted, the phone can neither receive calls nor send them in that country. But, if you want to use the phone in another country then it will work normally.

What if the code doesn’t work?

Whenever the terminal fails to manipulate the software, the code provider returns you the full amount. However, asks you to record a video of the same and show them that the code is not working.

Is the phone unlocked permanently?

Yes, once unlocked, the phone remains unlocked for a lifetime. But, if you take the phone for repair at an official customer service center, it may be blocked again, but you can still follow the above-mentioned steps to unlock your phone again.


You can also unlock your phone by politely asking your provider you’re under a contract with. Though there are very fewer providers who will help you in this regard, it is worth a try. You can also search the internet for the unlock codes, but in this case, you’ll need to verify a lot of codes to see which one works.

Make sure that you’ve provided correct IMEI number, model number, and the network the phone is locked to in order to get a working to unlock code.

The best way is by choosing a service provider who provides money back guarantee in case the code doesn’t work. Make sure that you read the reviews before choosing a phone unlocking code provider. You can easily unlock ZTE mobile by following the above-mentioned steps.

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