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How Top Brands Are Making Use Of Alexa Custom Responses For Increasing Sales?

Have you often wondered how you can grow your business and give it the opportunity needed to drive sales? Maybe, it is time you give Alexa that chance. With each passing day Amazon is making it really easy to make money with Alexa skill development. The first way that you can make the most of it is by developing popular skills. But, what is it that you will require to develop such popular skills? You need a large audience which will engage with that skill quite frequently. Secondly, different types of businesses are finally able to sell the goods with their skills – be it a customized skill or a flash briefing. And, when you finally grow your audience you will be able to boost your sales.


Don’t you feel mesmerized every time the Amazon Echo commercial is on TV? According to current statistics, every two people out of six happen to own the smart home speaker. And, it is Amazon Echo which is leading sales. The apps on Alexa are referred as skills which can be easily downloaded onto a device by making the most of the voice command i.e an app which is present on the website or your phone. With millions of people and popular brands using Alexa, it is time your business considers the possibility of adding a skill or an app – this will not only serve the purpose of increasing sales but also create awareness and branding.


Different kinds of skills – Is it important?


Did you know that Amazon Echo has the potential to be compatible with as many as 30,000 different types of skills? Amidst all the skills the most popular ones used by top brands are email assistant, quick events, and conference manager. All of these skills are designed in such a way that it will make your everyday tasks at office way more manageable. Alexa can go through the dates in your calendar and dial the number into your conference call, it can go through the content in your inbox and offer you the details regarding your travel information, and it has the ability to schedule events on your behalf.


What are the reasons you need to build a few skills to increase the sales of your business?


Take a look at the reasons why your business needs to develop skills to promote sales –


  • Voice marketing isn’t the future anymore, it is now –


According to a research, 20% of mobile searches conducted on Google is with the help of the voice command feature. Today’s generation will ask their queries to a smart speaker or SIRI rather than going through the trouble of typing the words. With the continuous growth in voice recognition and Alexa becoming more intelligent – you and your team of professionals will need to follow how you can make the most of Alexa’s skills into your business.


  • You will be further ahead than many –


More than often a business or brand hesitates to adopt the new technology that is available in front of it. This is mainly because companies feel terrified to put their time and effort into something that might not work in the end. However, voice searches aren’t going to vanish, instead it is about to grow further. It is better for your business to stand at the receiving end of something as amazing as Alexa’s skills.


Your brand is going to benefit from the skills that Alexa owns, and it is advisable you make the most of it before your competitors do.

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