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How videoconferencing technology changes how we do business

The meeting room is one of the spaces in which technology has transformed the experience of meetings: videoconferencing is becoming the option for collaborative work in many organizations. Among the latter, in particular, interest in videoconferencing has been increasing, due to the interest that high management has raised in the use of videoconferencing to replace work trips, or to improve collaboration for distributed work groups.

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Back to the videoconferencing technology, the adoption trend of this platform makes it clear that companies have understood that it has reached the age of video in business applications. As a low-cost, Web-based alternative, the installation of a professional, easy-to-use video conferencing platform can easily replace the need to move employees from other locations or locations for trainings or meetings. With virtual access to the company’s boardroom literally within the reach of a mouse click, everyone can meet without the inconvenience of distance.

Key Insight

6 out of 10 companies have reported using videoconferencing to interview candidates who are attractive but are outside the corporate geographical area. Video conferences also offer a series of financial and technical advantages, so companies around the world are investing in video technologies. Among the benefits are: the possibility that companies can extend their hours of service, reduce their staff turnover, and not be limited by geography in the case of organizations with several locations.

Thanks to the advances in high definition video, videoconferencing is positioned as an alternative for companies that need to be more efficient in the expense that involves a business trip or training. Video communication also creates and maintains a competitive advantage for your business. Teams that communicate through web conferences will share knowledge faster and be more willing to collaborate, which reduces the time needed to bring a new product or service to your customers.

What should a good videoconferencing platform provide?


A good platform should be able to provide a series of integrated tools in the videoconference interface that allow you to carry out trainings, webinars or instructional meetings that will provide the instructor or leader of the call with a management of the agenda, content and management of the group.

The technology can save you huge costs

Video conferencing can save you huge costs in travel and expenses related to your company. Forget transportation costs and traffic congestion because this technology can get rid of these two problems. What you have to prepare is investing in video conference technology and you can save quite a lot.




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