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Indiegogo’s Ultimate Mod Reveiled on Their Wesbite with Wireless Charging and IR

​In the previous post we talked about The Mico MotoMod which is a power bank that charge itself with solar energy (Link below this Article). But also we mentioned about another Mod that’s ‘Ultimate Mod’. So what’s the highlight or the feature of this phone ? Let’s find out.




First of all there’s not just one feature in this mod, there are two features. 1st feature is that it can charge the Z series phone wirelessly with the wireless charging pad like the Samsung one. The 2nd feature is that it has an IR blaster, by which you can control electronic appliances Television, Air Conditioner, Lights and Set-top-boxes. You can have a look at a demo prototype video here


This Mod is also made by Indiegogo, same company who made Mico Mod. It’s not going to launch along with Mico Mod on 5th February as right now this mod is in the manufacturing process and it will take a while to launch. The Ultimate Mod with only Wireless Charging will be available for $35 USD and the Ultimate Mod with both Wireless Charging and IR Blaster Mod for $45 USD. You can also support by funding some amount to this project. Stay tuned with us for more information regarding this.


Also check out our article on Mico MotoMod with Solar Charging Going to Launch on 5th February. And many other Mobile news and tips & tricks on our website.


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