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Instagram Now Allows To Remove Followers From Public Account

Just a couple of hours ago, we updated that the Instagram now allows sending the GIFs in the Direct. Well, now another great news coming from the Instagram, and that will allow users to remove followers from the public account.

Removing followers is not a new thing on the Instagram, but it was limited with the private accounts. However, now the users with the public accounts can able to remove their followers. Furthermore, the business account users can also able to remove their followers.

How to remove followers

You can able to remove followers by heading to the profile, and tap on on ‘followers’, and then tap on the three-dot vertical button next to the follower you want to remove, then you will see a message which will ask confirmation on removing that follower, and just tap on the ‘Remove’ button. That’s it, now that follower will not able to see your latest updates. And that follower will not get any notification about this.

Well, this is really a great news for all the Instagram users as now we can able to remove unwanted people from the followers list instead of switching to the private account.

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