Intel SSDSC2BA100G301 Solid State Drive (SSD)- Take a peek!!!

Intel SSDSC2BA100G301 Solid State Drive (SSD)- Take a peek!!!

A lot us don’t know much about SSDs; which is an abbreviation for Solid State drive. HDDs are the common drives which we all use in our PCs or laptops. Because they are cheap and easy to attain. On the other hand, professionals working on high levels with huge amount of data and requires efficiency look out for SSDs. As SSDs are known to be as faster, durable, lighter and consume less energy. Here is a sneak peek on one of the SSD available in the market.

Technical Specifications:

  • Memory components: MLC
  • Interface: SATA III
  • Components: Intel NAND flash memory multi-level cell technology
  • Max sequential write: Up to 200MB/s
  • Max sequential read: Up to 500MB/s
  • 4KB Random Write: Up to 19,000 IOPS
  • 4KB Random Read: Up to 75,000 IOPS

Advanced Technical Specifications:

  • Enhanced data protection system: Yes
  • Hardware encryption: AES 256 bit
  • HET (high endurance technology): Yes
  • Intel rapid start technology: Yes
  • End to end data protection: Yes
  • Temperature logging and monitoring: Yes


Get longer battery life, faster response time and enhanced performance with Intel SSDSC2BA100G301 solid-state drive. The SSD works almost similar to HDD but with enhanced performance as it can work efficiently. They do not have any removable parts therefore SDDs consume lesser power consumption as compared to the HDDs. It offers superior performance with a 4KB random read of up to 75,000 IOPS. So, simplify your computing system by faster loading and responsive speed.

Premier performance and protection

The Intel SSDSC2BA100G301 offers the next generation of data center SSD. It combines consistent performance with high data endurance and complete data protection. The consistent and high data performance and protection make it the SSD of the next generation.

Fast performance

The SSD offers the superior performance with the 4KB Random read speed of up to 75,000 IOPS and 4KB random write speed of up to 19,000 IOPS. With 10% of IOPS (input-output operations per second) and max latencies, the SSD offers higher data performance and protection. It offers quick and consistent performance having higher responding time. The low active power consumption makes you able to save energy costs.

Having advanced encryption standard capability

It keeps your data protected from any kind of external devices. It is equipped with 256-bit encryption technology offering you peace of mind that all your data remains safe and secure. So whenever you want to store confidential data, you don’t have to worry about anything else.

Complete end to end data protection

It keeps your data protected from the time it enters to SSD to the time it leaves the SSD. It uses an advanced error correction system that keeps your data secure against any kind of possible data corruption. The data remains protected through several techniques such as cyclic redundancy checks, LBA tag validation, and parity checks. If an error is detected in your data, immediate response by SSD will resolve the issue as earlier as it is possible. However, still, if the error is not corrected then an uncorrectable signal is sent to the host to resolve the issue.

Apart from that, to improve the data assurance, it provides an array of surplus memory that keeps the data stored in cache preventing any kind of data loss.

High endurance technology

The device is equipped with the high endurance technology that can complete your high demanded needs. Incorporating with the high endurance technology, it offers endurance in multi-level cell package. Combining both NAND silicon enhancements and SSD NAND management technology, it can write 10 drives per day over five years of period.

Better power loss data protection

Better power loss data protection makes you able to reduce potential data loss by detecting unexpected system power loss. All the cache data can be recovered to access the data over again. These drives save the cached data in the process while shutting down the computer to keep the data protected.

If you are the one who wants a more responsive system, better power efficiency and faster loading speed then this SSD is just a perfect choice for you. So you will have consistently better performance. Apart from this, it is ideal to keep your data safe, secure and protected. So, Buy Solid State Drive Online and enjoy high computing speed while having a peace of mind to keep your company’s confidential data protected.

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