Introducing Google’s PhotoScan app; To make your old memories fresh

Everyone keeps old photo albums and childhood photos, as those old memories brings smile on your face whenever you look on it. But as time goes on those photos will got damaged because of staying in album for years. To keep those memories forever, we can convert old photos into digital copy, and if you didn’t convert those beautiful moments into digital copy then here is a great opportunity for you. Google has launched the new app called PhotoScan which will convert your old memories into a fresh one.




As the name suggests, the new PhotoScan app is a scanner. You can able to scan your old photos, and the app will detect the edges of the photo and then it will straighten the image, rotate it to the correct orientation and it will remove all the glare and damages of the photo which you scanned. All the scanned photos can be saved in one tap to the Google photos app.


Along with the new app, Google rolled out new update to the photos app, and powers the app with new editing features. Now you can tap a button to see instant auto fixing of a photo to make it more beautiful. The new update 12 new filters, which can be use differently to make your photos a stunning one. Check for the update of the Photos app.


If you still have old photos in your album, then download the PhotoScan app and convert it into the digital print. The app is available on Android and iOS.


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