Introducing the world's first air-conditioning watch- Aircon

Introducing the world’s first air-conditioning watch- Aircon

Soon you will be able to walk out with your personal air-conditioner, as a Hong Kong based startup has announced its first product. And the product is really mind blowing one, as the company will bring an air-conditioning watch and it is called Aircon.


The company says, that the watch is the world’s first personal a/c and it is supposedly able to cool off or warm up the user in the matter of minutes. Now speaking about the technology behind the device, the company likes to call the technology as ClimaCon.


And here’s how the watch works, the device sends a controlled influx of heat or cold into the user’s wrist, then creates the sensation of user’s desired climate. There is a small plate on the wrist strap which actually sends the impulses, tricking the nervous system that the outer temperature is harsher than it really is which then manifests in the user’s body to adjust to these impulses.


Now speaking about the build of the device, it is built of aluminium alloy, and the device will come with an Always-on OLED display. You can also find three buttons, which is there for powering up/down the device and switching between cooling and heating modes. And the device is backed on 400 mAh Li-on battery, which can provide 4 hours of cooling, or 8 hours of heating, while the device in standby mode can last up to 48 hours by a single charge. Apart from the function of A/C, the Aircon watch features all the basic functions of a regular watch.


So, what’s your thoughts about the device???


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Source: Kickstarter

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