IOS 11 will hit your devices soon; here's everything about the new OS
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IOS 11 will hit on your devices soon; here’s everything about the new OS

A week ago, we witnessed for the launch of Apple’s new devices such as iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X. And today the company is going to roll out the new version of its OS, which is called iOS 11. The company will roll out the new version of OS globally, which means no one have to wait long to get the latest version on the device.


The iOS 11 was unveiled in June at the WWDC event, and the company released first public beta version of the new OS by the end of the June itself. The all new iOS 11 brings the much awaited augmented reality (AR) experiences using the built-in camera, powerful processors and motion sensors. So, here’s a quick refreshment of the features.


Apple Pay Integration in iMessage:


Many of the iPhone users out there use the Apple Pay, and this payment system is the biggest system in US. Now Apple has Integrated Apple Pay into their messaging app i.e. in iMessage. Now if someone will ask you for some money to borrow or as a payment, an icon of Apple Pay will pop-up on the keyboard. If you click on that icon, you can directly pay that amount from Apple Pay without actually opening up the app. The transactions do use your touch id authentication for security, & all the messages will be end to end encrypted.


Better Interface:


The company has made changes in the user interface or in UI as well. The control centre is changed now, there are different space for different controls and more options will pop out when the 3D touch is applied. Like if you want to adjust the brightness just slide your finger over the brightness bar & it will change according to that, but if you apply 3D touch on the bar, more options for screen brightness will pop out.

Now the lockscreen also has an add-on of notification panel, similar to Android if you slight down the lockscreen will pop out with one important notification, then for all notifications just swipe up the lockscreen. There are few more changes like do not disturb enabled in car mode, split screen and file manager app.


New Add-ons & Upgrades in Camera:


Now coming to the camera, the portrait mode is now improved as this portrait mode now works with OIS & true tone flash for better low light images. You can also create HDR photos in portrait mode now. The processing of both image format and video codec as changed. The images will have new format instead if JPEG which will compress the size of the photo with compromising on quality & clarity, while the videos will record with new codec, H.265 which will also compress the size of videos without compromising on quality and clarity. There are some new changes in camera like new effects for live images, memories, etc.


Smarter Siri with New Voice:


With the new OS you will meet improved and smarter digital assistant i.e. Siri, in your hands. As now the AI system has become smarter which will result in better recommendations for the users. There is new male voice in Siri & also both voices will be more human friendly while talking, they will pronounce the words with the expression according to the sentence. The UI has been changed in Siri. Also Siri can now translate as well as speak the words or sentence in some other languages like from English to Germany, Spanish, French, etc. The UI is also changed now. The UI looks more redefined than previous one.


Improvement in App Store:


Apple revamped its App Store with all new iOS 11. Now there are two options when you open the App Store, Apps & Games. In the listing of Games, the in-app purchase list is also present so it will be easy to the users to choose the games. A new Today Tab is also introduced in this new version; this tab will feature Apple’s favourite Apps & Games.




With the new version of OS, Apple made improvements in its Map. The company has added the Lane Guidance feature which is present in Android from long time back. But the feature is feature is more sharpened in Apple OS. As it supports Indoor Navigation of Public places like Airports, Monuments, Zoo, Huge Parks and Malls.


AirPlay 2 and Apple Music:


Apple added multiroom audio feature in AirPlay 2 which can be used by all related apps, and it will give access to the guests to queue up the songs. The Apple TV can be used as music player which will be controlled via user’s iPhone or iPad. Also there are some changes in Apple Music as well like integration of third party apps, more information to the receiver to which you will share the music.


AR Kit:


With the AR Kit. Apple now wants developers of apps and games to go into the Augmented Reality (AR) segment. So they have introduced a new AR Kit which will help the developers to make utilization of the AR feature.


FaceID and Animojis:


With the iPhone X, Apple unveiled facial recognition system, the feature is also available on iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, new Apple Watch Series 3 and Apple TV 4K. The unique “FaceID” facial recognition system is used to unlock the device, basically it is a new authentication technology which verify’s the user’s identity by scanning face in 3D.

The new version of iOS also supports for Animoji – 3D, live rendered emoji, which track your facial expressions and create animated characters or emoji to use while you chat in iMessages.


When will the OS release?


As I mentioned above, the company will roll out the new version of operating system today (September 19). You will get a notification, which will let you know about the new software update.


Things to remember:


Before you start download, you should connect your device with a Wi-Fi network and the device is to be plug-in to power. So, that your device does not die in between downloading the new version of operating system.


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