Latest Android Mobile Technologies in the Market
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Latest Android Mobile Technologies in the Market

In modern days, an android phones hugely impact on human life, it seems that people cannot live without their phones. Latest android phones run on operating systems and various kinds of android phones are available in the market.

The business of mobile marketing improves day by day. The latest mobile technology available and surrounding you.

Every mobile industry should need to stay updated with new mobile trends, especially important for the companies who presence such as app or mobile sites. In those days, various shops or online market depends on online apps, like local pizza shop depends on mobile app to sells their pizza.

Here is some mobile technology that immensely improves latest android phones:

1. Location Based Technology:

It is not secrets that your mobile phones or tablets are tracking your location. Mobile applications are also tracking your location with your permission. When you download a new app, it requests from you to give it permission to use your location and you also get the notification from it. Latest restaurants have their own mobile apps.

2. Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial intelligence has punctured our mobile world. Google assistant and cortana are the example of AI that may even install in your mobile device. These popular mobile apps are now using software such as voice recognition that encourages hand free use and it optimizes many customers experience.

3. Mobile Security:

Now a day the security of mobile is very much needed and it is very important. Many people do not like to risk of providing very essential and sensitive information of business, especially through mobiles apps. Distrust and security are two of the top reason why mobile users do not feel comfortable using mobile payments applications. Some customers are comfortable to pay via mail for the rising of mobile app revenue. Latest smartphones improved their security system and the customers feel comfortable while they paying through mobile apps.

4. Augmented Reality:

One of the best examples of latest mobile technology in android phone is the face filter app on the snapchat.  And recently instagram has been taken this feature as well. Everyone was going to crazy about Pokémon go, the premise of that game was based on augmented reality on a mobile device. Successful apps like Pokémon go; instagram, snapchat etc are the new technology which is improving the latest phones.

5. Syncing wearable technology in mobile phones:

Syncing wearable technology has becomes immensely popular in that day. By syncing mobile device some apps can be used socially as well. People can compare their progress with their family or friends and make it a competition as a result it increases the uses of technology.

6. Revenue from mobile applications:

There was hugely increase in mobile revenue through the Google play store. This revenue of mobile applications is never slowing down and it will continue to thrive.

7. Virtual Reality:

Virtual reality is not same as augmented reality. You need more than just a smartphone to experience the virtual reality. Global valuation for the virtual reality market exceeds day by day and this would not happen one day, its take long time.

8. Hybrid Apps:

Mobile development apps can be very expensive. With the help of latest technologies various android apps expand day by day. The development of hybrid apps in android play store or Google play store helps the modern Smartphone.

9. Increase Mobile Payments:

Mobile payments increase because of the improvement of mobile security. Bank apps, PayPal, Google pay the number of apps that are highly safe and secure payments app and these are continuing to running. People feel comfortable making online payments through these apps.

Modern mobile technology is constantly increasing and you can get prove by comparing your 5 years old Smartphone with your current Smartphone. Face recognition, voice recognition, fingerprint recognition, signature recognitions are the best features of the latest android phones.

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