How to lock and unlock your Computer with a USB pen drive


Everyone uses computer and have lots of data in it, which may be very important or very sensitive and it’s not good to some other people access it. So, to protect valuable data we all set password to secure computer, but there is another way to keep secure your computer by using a pen drive. In this article we will show you how to lock and unlock your computer or laptop with a pen drive.


How to lock and unlock your Computer with a USB pen drive


Follow the steps to lock and unlock your PC with a USB:


  • Download and install Predator to your PC.
  • After the installation process, plug your Pen Drive (nothing will be deleted from it, so don’t worry about the data in it).
  • As soon as you plugged the USB, a dialogue box will pop-up and ask you to create a password. Click OK to continue.
  • Now you have to do few precautions, like first you have to enter a password, if you lose USB you can access your PC with this password.
  • After the process done click ‘Create Key’ and click OK.
  • Now the Predator will exit, click it again and after few seconds the colour of the icon will change into green.
  • Predator will scan for the USB in every 30 seconds, and if your USB drive is not connected your PC will be locked.
  • You can also check if someone tried to access your PC in your absence by clicking the ‘View log


That’s it! Now you can lock and unlock your PC in quick and secure way, only a negative point is you have to keep a pen drive for this purpose. So, if you gonna to protect your PC in this way then spare a pen drive.


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