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Have you ever wondered why data storage is turning into a major problem with every passing day? Why are organizations and businesses looking for better ways to store data and opt for the best one? Why is it that some of them are still struggling to manage their data? There are two basic answers to these questions. First, businesses want to keep up with the pace of contemporary changes in terms of software and storage. And secondly, they just haven’t found the right option to opt for so far.

And, in this article, we will be focusing on the second part of the two questions. The fact is that finding the right data storage solution is not difficult. But what comes in as a challenge is finding one that is commensurate with your organizational needs. Different companies operate differently, and so their storage needs are different. For storage purposes, each of them may require various programs and software. The key, therefore, is to identify the needs of your business, type of data it generates, and storage needs.

Moreover, it is also related to the features and options that online storage software has to offer. While some are all for online solutions, others are too accustomed to the conventional means of storage. But all of them agree on a few points, which are accessibility, ease of use, and unlimited space they can enjoy. This article will give you the best options to help you make an informed decision. We’ll try to focus on a mix of solutions so that you can make your decision based on your preferences. Let’s now thoroughly see the options in chronological order.


Let’s begin with a contemporary yet a bit of a conventional method. You’ll find this method useful if you’re seeking Airtable alternatives and want to keep your spreadsheets and the database separate. The time machine connects with your external hard drives on its own. Some people seem to conclude they can only use Time Capsules for this. However, you can use a hard disk of your choice. The ideal option for many is that this option can help you schedule the backing up of the data as per the aspirations. The only con of using this option is that it is only feasible for the mac users out there.


One of the most popular options nowadays is the use of cloud storage. While there may be many options for this, the Dropbox stands out due to the accessibility. The file-hosting service doesn’t only offer cloud storage, but also allows synchronization and client software, among other features. Then there are plenty of other options too, such as Google Drive, which is famous for the ease of use and accessibility for the user. It is because most of us already have Google accounts, and we have the convenience to move our data around. We can do the synchronization and have the data interconnected in all of the places. The only downside that you will need an internet connection regularly and that there is no security assurance.


Let’s now step back and look at a conventional way to store your data. However, sometimes, the traditional methods hold on to the magic and work where others fail. It can be your best friend as far as data storage is concerned and never fail you at any critical time. It’s a convenient option that’s always affordable. You can carry them anywhere, so they are pretty viable. But, it comes with its own set of downsides. Firstly, its portability is the one that causes the issue. Because of their small size, they are easy to lose. Secondly, you may need to use them alongside other options, as it’s unknown as to how many read/write cycles they can sustain.


It is again a somewhat conventional method, but it’s also a promising one in terms of storage space and system compatibility. Carrying an external hard drive is like carrying a power bank with you, with zero fear of losing your mobile phone’s battery. It never fails you in the middle of a meeting or a conference call. However, they can always get plugged in, but not used as a replacement to the computer or laptop’s hard drive. It is one potential downside to this option too. If you’re likely to face a power surge, then this option can fail you at any point. Secondly, a malware attack can thwart all of your plans in no time and render the drive useless.



While this may sound like an out of the way inclusion, but believe us, this is one of the most viable options. It works where all the conventional and contemporary methods may fail. It is your 100% guarantee with no chances of any failure. No matter the power outages or technical issues, printing your document allows you to keep a hard copy at all times. This option is never ideal for comprehensive data comprising audio and video files. However, it’ll also save you from severe devastation in case of a mishap to the documents you treasure.


Data storage is turning into a challenging task as far as modern-day businesses and organizations are concerned. We can never entirely rely on one option and be satisfied with the outcome. So, the key is to maintain a mix of the possibilities to come up with the best output. As the famous saying goes, one should never put all of their eggs in one basket; we should always utilize multiple methods. So, the next time you fear losing any of your crucial files, remember to use one of the above purposes. Remember, some out of the box thinking will save you from unnecessary hassle and organizational breakdowns. Act wise!

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