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Mobile Phone Accessories to Increase the Feature Values of Smart Phones

In order to satisfy our need of constantly upgrading our mobile phones, new accessories are constantly being launched in the market. This has paved road for emerging startups to come up with reformative ideas to upgrade mobile phones with smart accessories. Earlier the mobile phones that were available were not compatible with other technologies and hence the only electronic accessory they supported were headphones. At the most, they could be accessorized with fancy cases to elevate their looks. As new smart phones hit the market, they encouraged the market of mobile phone accessories to launch new compatible technologies.

In our day-to-day life it has become important to accessorize your mobile phone as most of us would find difficult to survive with just bare minimum set of accessories. These accessories could be earphones, power banks, or smartwatches, they have become the part and parcel of our everyday life. There are numerous factors that has caused this sudden dependability of mobile phone accessories. As the population in urban areas are increasing exponentially, the number of mobile phone users has increased astronomically. This has resulted in propelling a shift in the consumer preference from feature phones to smartphones with accessories. This has in turn improved the service provided by the telecom companies. As the network connectivity increase, the adoption of smart phones by people across different strata of society has increased.

E-commerce shopping websites play the vital roles in increasing the reach of mobile phones all over the world. It ensured that the demand for the smart phones and its accessories would be sufficed to all its end user. Furthermore, there are many social media applications and websites that help the users to stay connected all around the world. All this applications and websites can be accessed using a smart phone. The surge in the demand for smart phones has supplemented the demand for mobile phone accessories. Smart phones offer features such as multimedia messaging, camera, music, internet, data storing & sharing, and location-based services. By integrating smart phones with accessories, the value of these features is further enhanced. The accessories that enhance the features include power banks, headphones, memory cards, travel chargers, USB cables, protective cases, Bluetooth devices, wireless speakers, and selfie stick.

As the focus has been shifted towards comfortable and easy lifestyle, consumers have evolved and have different needs. One such need is to reduce the time and effort required for entangling wires. This need is satisfied by wireless accessories. The enable the user to perform their daily task without worrying about the wires. The other problem faced by the smart phone users are its short battery life. As the mobile phone usage increase, the rate of battery consumption increases. In order to deal with this problem, power banks have been introduced to the users. Now they can use they mobile phones to their heart’s content without worrying about the battery issues. Some other high-end accessories that could be term under luxuries are listed below­

  • Zoom lens

Camera is one of the key features a user looks for in a smart phone. By integrating your mobile phone with zoom lens, a user could enjoy the optical zoom feature along with an extra 8X zoom to capture detailed, crisp and clear image.

  • Bluetooth speaker with in-built charger

While using a Bluetooth speaker, the battery of the smart phone is drained quickly. But integrating the Bluetooth speaker with 4000mAH battery will solve this problem all together.

  • VR Headset

When just the screen of the smart phone doesn’t offer display as per the user’s expectation, it can be upgraded with VR headset to enjoy the world of virtual reality.

  • Solar charger

During traveling or trying to reach the heart of a forest, a user might feel shortage of power sockets to charge either their mobile phones or power banks. A solar charger would suffice the need to charge your phone and capture beautiful moments as you travel.

  • Selfie flash light

Using front camera in order to take selfies during night or poorly lit areas is a real hassle. A selfie flash light will immaculately solve this problem by providing adequate light to take pictures using the front cam.

  • Gamepad

Mobile phones are widely used as a medium to play games. Integrating a smart phone with a gamepad with grant the user with good controls and an out-of-the-world gaming experience.

With all these factors driving growth, both businesses and consumers are in for some exciting times. Growth, as the popular belief goes, drives innovation. The market for mobile phone accessories has numerous factors that supplement its growth. Allied Market Research has estimated that the market of global mobile phone accessories market would grow exponentially by 2025. This market has great potential and will increase at a steady pace as new technologies and innovative products are introduced in this market.


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