Must-have Updated Gadgets for a Minimalist Lifestyle
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Must-have Updated Gadgets for a Minimalist Lifestyle

As the world advances, gone are the days where gadgets are the most difficult things to understand. In the present times, the easier and smoother it is to operate, the better. A much simpler and smaller gadget would be more convenient for an individual making it more marketable to the public.

Most minimalist are on the lookout for devices that are both convenient and minimally stylish. If you are a true minimalist, you know that both convenience and simplicity are two things to consider. There is a need to have a gadget that can keep up with your life and can keep up with your preference.

We kept this list short yet informative enough to help you choose which gadgets can be optimal to keep up with your lifestyle.


Most phones nowadays are sleek, slim, and made to be charming. With all the varieties of phones, it’s understandable to have a hard pick. While Android phones are one of the top sellers in the phone market, iPhones are still on top of the Minimalist Markets.

The iPhone SE is one of the most notable minimalist smartphones. They easily fit your pocket. They are slick and smooth in design. They are also not harmful to your budget. The iPhone SE is said to be a worth-buy even in 2019 – and hopefully, we see it in 2020.

This iPhone functions like any other iPhone, with perhaps just a bit of camera quality hump. But if you are after a minimalistic ideal phone, then the iPhone SE won’t disappoint you.


Laptops are technically portable computers that you can take with you anywhere you want. Ipads and Tablets are direct competitors of notebooks, but these portable desktops are still on a different level of demand. The functionality of a keyboard and other features that only a computer can offer are limited to laptops and desktops alike.

When choosing the right laptop for a minimalist preference, the size matters most, the versatility comes in second, and the design comes third. Fortunately, we included a laptop unit that can consider all three categories. The HP Spectre Folio is a laptop that has all-three characters cleared out to excellence.

You can tuck this 13-inch 3-pound laptop under your arm since it has a leather cover protecting it. It is also known to have a quality battery life and multiple security features. HP has been stirring the public with some intense design channels, and they sure attracted tons of minimal enthusiasts with this one.


A watch is essential for any busy man. And a tiny watch can make or bend a minimalist’s fashion sense. A minimalist would want to look slick and posh while not overdoing it with too much sparkle or too much diamonds.

While a luxury watch is an essential, a simple classic watch is never a wrong choice. When it comes to choosing which luxury watch best fits a minimal sense, the Omega De Ville Prestige Co‑Axial 36.8 mm Automatic Black Dial Steel Unisex Watch is a spot-on must-have.

Apart from the chic and posh design, the features of this watch are also tuned to durability. It can stand a 3-bar waterproof resistance and is also packed with a sapphire crystal scratch-resistant protector. Mainly, this watch can keep up not only with your style but even with your adventures.


Completing this list is a very portable memory capturer – the SONY Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 VI. When talking about minimalist stuff, the features of SONY Cyber-shot is not to be missed out.

This camera is equipped with a 24-frame per second speed and 4k video quality at a full-width sensor. The camera is not hard to operate with its touchscreen feature and on-sensor phase-detection autofocus.

It is entitled to be a suitable travel companion and memory treasurer since it is easy to pull out from a pouch or backpack. So if you are looking for a camera that won’t be too bulky to carry without compromising the quality of your pictures, the SONY Cyber-shot  DSC-RX100 VI is a must-have for you.


People with a minimalist sense are known to be very considerate. They are also not the type to hoard things and to put off stuff quickly. Inasmuch, minimalist people are very conserving in both space and resources, which is why their quarters are always clean.

Sometimes it is challenging to be minimalist in an “extra” world. Everyday new fashion statements and new gadgets appear one after the other. While others push on the concept of “the bigger, the better” stay rooted in the principle of “simplicity is beauty.”

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