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Myths surrounding IT outstaffing

In current times, many IT companies are choosing the option of outstaffing. One of the significant reasons for doing so is to have the upper hand over other competitors. Also, some other experts believe that this process helps in cutting down the cost. But there are too many myths surrounding the process of IT outstaffing. You can get more info about it in the article about  IT outstaffing written by Riseapps, and this one uses some points from it.


Myth 1 – Outstaffing and Outsourcing are the Same

This is one of the top myths that many of the people. Many people still think that outstaffing and outsourcing are the same and are used interchangeably. But the fact is outstaffing is much different from outsourcing. Outsourcing is when you hire an outsourcing team for a particular project. Your terms with the team end with the end of the project. Also, you do not have direct communication authorities with the team. The outsourcing company controls the team. 


Outstaffing gives you authority over the team. You can take it as an extension of your in-house team. Though they remain on the outstaffing company’s payroll, communication with the staff is still direct and clear every time. 

Myth 2 – Quality Issue

Do you think that that the best IT professionals are found only in Silicon Valley? There are so many IT enthusiasts out there, and not everyone lands up working in Silicon Valley. Many of these talents either join some other big companies or become a part of an outstaffing company. The quality of the professionals will entirely depend upon the outstaffing company that you are contacting. 


A good outstaffing company will hire professionals who are well-qualified and well-skilled. So, if you choose the right outstaffing company, you can be sure that you will get high-quality professionals. It would aid if you did proper research so that you do not have to compromise upon the quality. 


Myth 3 – Security Issues

Many people believe that outstaffing may put your company security at risk. Now again, this myth is similar to the myth of quality. If you are hiring the professionals or the team from a reputed and proper IT outstaffing company, you will never face security problems.


Do you not confirm the background of an employee whom you are recruiting for your company? Can not an employee be a threat to your company security if you are hiring the wrong person? 


Similarly, if you are hiring the right outstaffing company, you do not have to worry about the security issues. 

Myth 4 – Hassles

There is another myth that to hire an outstaffing company. You need to do much documentation. You may also have to go through many hassles to keep proper track of the person working with you. 


Today, most of the outstaffing companies are well-organized, and they make sure that you do not have to face any hassle. Again, you should do your research well to get in touch with such a company that can offer you a hassle-free service. 


Also, in this world of cloud computing and other technologies, it is not easy to maintain such records. There are different applications available today using which you can smoothly maintain additional staff records. 

Myth 5 – It is Expensive

Due to this myth, many of the IT companies still do not go for outstaffing today. Many companies believe that hiring outstaffing teams can be an add-on to the cost of the company. 


Will hiring an employee not add up to the cost of the company? You have to provide the person with a desk, laptop, medical services, and other facilities. Will this not be expensive for the company? 


On the other hand, most of the outstaffing professionals work remotely so that you do not have to spend much on them. You have to pay for the outstaffing company’s charges and a few items, such as the laptop. 


Even in today’s time, many IT companies are still struggling with common myths, such as that of outstaffing. Bursting these myths is essential so that you can experience the benefits of such services. Understanding the outstaffing company’s actual benefits can help you with thinking in a better way for your company. 


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