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Now Follow People On Instagram By Scanning Nametags

The popular social media client Instagram brought tons of features to the platform heels and many of them are cloned by the rivalry Snapchat. Well, the company has cloned another feature and that is Nametags.

The Facebook owned Instagram has announced the roll-out of Nametags, and the company was started to testing the Nametags back in April this year, and now the feature is finally started rolling out to users across the globe.

If you are unaware about the Nametags, then with this feature, you can follow an Instagram account by scanning it. You can about to scan someone’s Nametag, you need to head over to your Profile, and tap on the hamburger menu icon which is located in the top-right corner, and now tap on the ‘Nametag’, and then tap on ‘Scan a Nametag’. And once you scan a Nametag, then you will immediately see two options – ‘Follow’ and ‘View Profile’, just tap on ‘Follow’ to quickly follow that account.

Having said that, the Nametags are unique to every Instagram account and that can be created by heading over to your Profile, tapping on the hamburger menu icon in the top-right corner, and tapping on ‘Nametag’. And now you can customize your Nametag by adding colors, emojis and selfies with different stickers. Moreover, the app also allows to share your Nametag easily with others on other social media apps like WhatsApp and Facebook.

Furthermore, the app also started to testing school communities, and with this, you can able to add details about your university, class year, and more, to your profile. However, this feature is limited in the US.

So, what are you waiting for??? Update the Instagram right now and start sharing your Nametags with your near and dear ones, and don’t forget to follow me by scanning my Nametag.

Now Follow People On Instagram By Scanning Nametags

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