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Now Your Android Device Is 2FA Security Key

Security is very important in this digital world and every netizen enables two-factor authentication (2FA), and this system is based on the SMS or applications for the authenticate. This setup makes annoying in certain situations, and if you wished for a replacement to this setup, then we have good news for you. The Mountain View company Google has introduced a new system which will allow users to make their Android device as a physical key for the 2FA.

The guys at Google made a new system which will allow users to use their Android devices which are running on Android operating system version 7 i.e. Android Nougat or higher, as a physical security key for the two-factor authentication. This will offer a secure way to login to the Google applications and the other traditional ways which we are used to logging in.

To make the Android device as the security key, you need to who connect the device with the Google account and after the verification process, you can able to login into the Google applications without any worry.

How to activate an Android device as a security key?

  • Your phone runs on Android version 7 or higher
  • Open Chrome browser on your computer
  • Sign-in to Google on your phone
  • Turn Bluetooth ‘On’ on your smartphone
  • Open and select “two-step verification”
  • Select the option to add a security key and choose your phone from the list of devices

It is worth to mention that this service is only available in the smartphones which are powered by the Android Operating System, and it is similar to the Google prompt but now you guys required to keep your phone to be physically near to the computer.

Google has said that other websites can also join to this at a later stage and it is still in the process of certifying is authentication service. So, guys activate your device as a security key and login to the applications with the most secure way.

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