OnePlus 7T Might Had A Third Colour Option

The OnePlus 7T Pro and OnePlus 7T was launched almost two months ago. Amongst both the regular 7T got more popularity because it’s better value for money than 7T Pro. It was launched in two colour variants i.e. Frosted Silver and Glacier Blue. Usually we get leaks or information of any smartphone before the launch. This time something opposite happened. We just got a leaked image of OnePlus 7T. You will think that it’s official already, so it’s not a leak now. Well, it’s about another colour option.

Before you guess that OnePlus is going to launch a new colour variant of it’s existing device, that’s not the case here. Actually one of the designers at OnePlus just revealed an image of OnePlus 7T in Gold colour. As you can see from the image below, you can clearly see that this is more saturated and highlighted than the gold colour found in previous OnePlus smartphones. This one also has gradient design that has combination of reflective and dark gold colour shades. The designer mentioned that this was one of the rejected colour from dozens of other colours on OnePlus 7T. This means OnePlus officials decide colours by watching a lot of sample renders and shots.

So that’s all the information we have as of now. As he said that it’s from dozens other rejected colours, but why he posted only this one? Well maybe there are chances that OnePlus will launch this OnePlus 7T Gold colour option, in a month or two maybe. Well, Did you like this colour or not? Do you think OnePlus took a right decision to not launch this colour option? And do you think that OnePlus will launch this new colour in near future? Let us know all these in the comment section below. Also stay tuned with us of more information.



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Written by Harsh Sharma

Writer at Technobugg


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