Pixel Experience Rom Review

Pixel Experience Rom Review

There is no debate that the Google Pixel devices are great to use. The high-end hardware contributes to this and so does the software. There is something about stock android that makes it such a joy to use. Unfortunately not all of us are able to enjoy a stock android experience on all of our devices as most OEM use their own skins on top of android such as one UI and MiUi which are still great but not as much as stock android. For all those who wanted to experience stock Android on your non-stock devices the best solution is Pixel Experience ROM.

Pixel Experience is a well known team of developers in the modding community. They are infamous for providing stable ROMs with great performance. And regular security patches and software updates make it a delight to have. Just like the title implies Pixel Experience ROM aims to provide users an experience just like a Pixel phone. The ROM does a complete makeover to your phone and makes it as stock as possible.

As of right now Pixel Experience ROM provides a software experience identical to the pixel 4. It will change everything from the boot animation to the fonts exactly like the Pixel 4. And that’s not all. Pixel Experience has a few tricks of its own under it’s sleeves. For starters it features it’s own custom kernel known as Radio Active and boasts better battery life and performance than stock kernels. Also the fact that Pixel Experience is completely debloated without even a single junk app is always good to hear. This drastically reduces RAM usage as well as storage usage. Another reason for it’s popularity is due to the fact the Pixel experience ROM supports a vast number of devices.

We’ve tested it on multiple devices and it runs great on all of them. There were no random reboots or app crashes or anything of that sort. As for the battery backup it will get you through the day on most devices. The performance is great and good enough to play PUBG Mobile on low-end devices like the redmi note 5. Built-in OTA updates ensure fast and regular updates.  It will also probably be the first ROM to receive the Android 11 update. Visit  to download the Pixel Experience ROM now.

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