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Samsung’s Standalone VR headset prototype leaked

Samsung is working on Standalone VR headset with eye tracking sensors. MSIP, a major Korean government agency, announced that Samsung is working on VR display using tracking technology from a member company called Visual Camp.




The headset ‘Exyos VR III’ is capable of voice and expression recognition along with bonus feature of eye tracking feature.The device is powered by a 10nm SoC with Mali G71 graphics which is capable of powering dual “WQHD+” displays at 90Hz, or one 4K display at 75Hz. The Standalone R supposed to have enough sensors capable of performing all it can.


The headset features gaze tracking in addition to hand tracking and facial expression recognition.The headset’s eye-tracking feature is for “foveated rendering,”  (i.e) the display focuses graphics only in the area where the user looks like normal human vision points. This enables VR to do a 360-degree rendering of images with a smooth experience.



Samsung confirmed bythis year will get at least one of its all-in-one headsets will rival the HTC Vive .Samsung’s standalone headset is still in development stage, it looks unfinished in the leaked image. The report also says that the VR headsets with 1,200 PPI will be upgraded with 1,500 PPI  after completion.This Gear VR devices use smartphone screens to render the virtual world. it’s too early to discuss whether the Exynos VR III will become this exact headset. further development in future leads to rendering of virtual world without the guidance of smartphones.


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Source: VR Focus, Liliputing

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