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It may be some time since the last day you signed something, or you could be doing it daily. It all depends on what you are involved in and what you are chasing in life. When you need a signature on a document, there are common scenarios that happen every time. 

There are hard copies involved and a lot of movement. That creates added cost and wasting time that could have been used on other things. It’s also worthy of mentioning that there are resources involved too. 

All that can be solved if you have a free platform to sign documents online. That means all the paperwork is doable via a device, and deals can be made remotely. So, welcome to the modern way of doing things. 

  • Part 1: CocoSign Online Document Signing Platform 

Now, it’s possible to sign any document where you are by just accessing an online e-sign platform like CocoSign. It’s so easy to use to the point that you may doubt if it’s true. If you are in doubt, know that millions of users in 180+ countries are already using it. 

That means that companies, partnerships, and individuals thought about it and saw the benefits incurred. It’s a web-based signing platform that you can access using any device. It also permits you to upload any document to be signed using various methods. 

You can choose a file from your local device or upload it via the various cloud services. CocoSign works with Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox, among other supported online cloud platforms.


Therefore, apart from using it to sign any doc, PDF, or report, you can get it using multiple uploading ways. Before you sign, you may wonder how to make the signature in the first place. These are things that CocoSign handles with ease. 

You can create a signature for free in minutes without an account. It allows you to write it, draw with a mouse or touchpad or use a graphic tablet. These are readily available ways regardless of the device you are using. 

All that matters is that it can connect to the internet and perform these duties. If you already have a digital signature, you can upload it on the website and continue to use it. To start using the signature on documents, that is where the account creation becomes a need. 

CocoSign allows you to store the e-sign and the documents, but you’ll need to register for that. It’s completely free as long as you don’t want to use the extra features. If there are multiple signatures to be collected, CocoSign will also facilitate that. 

We will look at that as we proceed. Here is what CocoSign has to offer when it comes to signing any document online. 

  • Document Support 

You can sign docs, PDFs, JPG, PNG, and any other soft copy documents as long as they are on your device. That excludes the need to print and use your pen to insert the mark that will make it official. 

  • Multiple Uploading Ways 

CocoSign allows you to get a document on its website using various methods. You can upload it from your local device or use the online cloud services. If the document to be signed is already online on one of the supported platforms, that’s better. 

  • Signature Creation and Use in Minutes 

You can start by creating a signature if you don’t have one yet. It’s completely free to do so, and CocoSign gives you the option to upload one if you already have it. After that, you are free to use it on the documents that need it. 

  • Free Online and Secure Storage 

The signature can be stored via CocoSign, and the same applies to the documents. It doesn’t matter if they are highly crucial or not. The platform has multi-layer protection and protocols to make sure that unauthorized access is never entertained. 

Having somewhere to access the documents with ease contributes to lower costs and higher efficiency. CocoSign ensures that you don’t need to print and organize for transport or travel.

  • Multi-User Support 

Does your document need more than one signature? That is where you need CocoSign to ease the job for you. All you need is to sign your part and notify the rest by sending them a link. After that, let the platform to inform you when they sign and when it’s all complete. 

That reduces the need to check every time to see the progress status. 

We cannot exhaust everything that you will be getting from this signing platform. That is why we need you to visit the website to capture everything else. Now, it’s time to learn how to sign using CocoSign. 

  • Part 2: How to Sign Documents Using CocoSign 

Step 1: Access the CocoSign website using your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop. First, create a signature if you don’t have one. You can write via the keyboard, use a graphic tablet and stylus or use the mouse/touchpad.


If you have one already, just upload it and continue. 

Step 2: After the signature creation, you can download it or use it on the website. Since you want to sign the documents there, create an account to store the signature first. You can register manually or use your Google account. 

Step 3: Now, you will be using your account to sign, store, and send the documents. Go to the uploading link on the dashboard and fetch your document. 


After that, use the signature on the document. You can also include trailing details such as the initials and the timestamps. 

Step 4: After signing, you can store the document online, email it, or print it depending on the need. If there are multiple signatures required, send the signing link to the participants and wait for the signatures. 


  • Conclusion 

If you have a business to run and need signing once in a while, utilize CocoSign to maximize benefits. The electronic signatures are legal to use, and they have supporting information for auditing and trailing purposes. 

Therefore, it’s possible to cut down the cost needed to print, sign, and send the documents. Overall, you now have a platform that saves you time, money, and resources when you need to sign. 

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