Some of the latest Trend setters in Android Application
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Some of the latest Trend setters in Android Application

The last decade has been the revolutionary era of the immense development in the Android Technology and it has been acting as a major platform for the SmartPhones all around the world it is a record making recognition that the technology that was evolving the smartphones has become a worldwide billions of dollars business and have constructed its own empire. From the Old squishy marshmallow to newest crackly Oreo, many updates have been embedded with new features on Android by Google. The enterprise need which has pretty much universal that integrating the mobile applications to your business will ensure the appraisal in its growth and almost every business has its App and some are shining among 3.6 million Android apps in Google Play store. So for the latest Trends in the Android Technology has been of great help in the enhancement of the user experience.

Mobile Applications are adopting these trends to be sure of making an incredible impression on the individuals who use it and counting to have an optimum number of downloads.

For your assistance, here are some latest trends in the Android application that will determine in development keeping the latest technology in mind.

  • The AI and machine learning in Android Mobile Apps

As we already know that Artificial intelligence and machine learning are some innovations in the mobile technology in term of Application building and even the most difficult and complex processes are easily tackled with the integration of Artificial intelligence. The Android applications can be made in a smarter way by the developers. Many products like chatbots which are using AI and machine learning for the better understanding human behavior.

Some of the latest Android app development trends which are facilitated by AI and machine learning

  • Android Instant Apps

An android instant apps were introduced by the Google in 2016, at the yearly developer conference that has revolutionized the approach of traditional Android app development. This latest technology has enabled the users to open the app in the google play store without installing it. The company has released the developer kit of the technology for the developer’s convenience to develop their own apps. It is so convenient that by just using this technique the user will be able to experience the product with the minimum hustle and without their mobile data. Nearly 500 million devices now support Android instant apps, according to Google.

  • AMP (google Accelerated mobile page)

An AMP is an open source project and is the joint venture of Google and Twitter. Being a stripped down version of HTML which enables light downloading and makes the mobile pages light as a paperweight. It is 15 to 85% faster than the non-Amp web pages. The decreased time taking element has given better interface with the user.  With the assistance of AMP, you will get better user engagement, higher retention higher search ranking, and a lower bounce rate.

  • The use of IoT (internet of things) in the Android App development

The technology IoT builds an easy environment for the user to meditate with each other through electronic devices/ and genius inventors of the IoT have made it control other electronic devices on your smartphone. It is estimated that there will be 20.4 billion IoT connected devices worldwide by 2020. This means the majority of the devices which are used to fulfill domestic requirements will be easily handled with this technology to the point that it will be preferred by the users and consumers in the coming time. A survey shows that about 60,000 people search for the smart home devices every month on the search engine. Now in order to make your app successful, you will need to utilize the IoT to grab the attention of a large number of users.

  • Cloud-Based Android Apps

We all know that the use of Android has maximized the demands and expectations of its user, making it higher over the past few years which allows the developers to embed in more complex and to add up the variety of features to the App.  Very critical and complex programming can make the app slow and so to solve this very problem the developers have started the cloud-based android APP development. Some of the advantages you can get from the cloud-based Android Apps is that your data will be streamed more easily through cloud storage and makes the app speedy and maximum data security for corporate business apps. ANOTHER Survey concludes that 75 TO 80% of the developers prefer Android in comparison with the other platforms.


Author Bio: Gerry Wilson is a passionate blog writer and mobile application developer. He is currently associated with a mobile application development company.

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