TechnoBugg Fact Check WhatsApp Red Tick News Is Fake

TechnoBugg Fact Check: WhatsApp Red Tick News Is Fake

Key Points:
  • TechnoBugg checking the fact of a new viral message on WhatsApp.
  • It is circulating that government tracking fake messages.
  • WhatsApp has also taken a new step to curb misleading information.

The social media platform and instant messaging applications are become the most important source to get information as well as to stay connected with the near and dear ones. However, the same medium is also utilizing by few guys to spread misleading information and that creates unwanted anxiety and tensions between users. Well, today we are starting a new series and that is dubbed as TechnoBugg Fact Check and this will deal with any kind of viral messages and fake news which are rapidly spreading on any medium and we will reveal its credibility and that will help you guys to stay away from such kind of information.

Today we are dealing with the recently spreading viral message and that is related to the WhatsApp Red Tick, it is said that the government is tracking fake messages and the Red Tick is part of the notice.

Well, if you are thinking that its an actual stuff, then you are a mistake. As its a fake message and the government of the country is not doing such kind of thing. So, if you have received the message then please beware of it and don’t forward the same. Having said that, the Press Information Bureau (PIB) has said that the WhatsApp Red Tick news is fake, and if you are unaware about the PIB then its a government agency that disseminates information to media on government plans, policies, and more

That said, if you didn’t come across the WhatsApp Red Tick message, then you can check out the screenshot below!

TechnoBugg Fact Check WhatsApp Red Tick News Is Fake

WhatsApp has taken a new step to curb the misleading messages and now its limiting forwarding messages to 1 at a time which means users need to send a forward message over again and again to different people and which will definitely reduce the rate of forwarding messages.

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