Technology is Changing How Art is Made: Here’s How

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The rise of technology has changed just about everything we do.  From self-driving cars to automated services, technology has disrupted all aspects of life, and art is no different.   Just like any other industry,  over the years technology has transitioned visual art to digital art. Nowadays, you can also get custom art design prints on different merchandise link drawstring bags with company logo and printed mugs.

Here’s 5 ways how technology is changing how art is made.

3D printing:

Across all art verticals, 3D printing has shifted how art is made. 3D printing gives artists the ability and design freedom to scale their pieces within fields like fashion sculpture and installation art. We are seeing artists beginning to take note and use technology to create 3D printed art.  Further, there are now more affordable 3D printing technologies available, whereas in previous times, the technology was way too expensive. 

Graphic software:

Nowadays, artists can use graphics software for editing and sharing digital photos, creating logos, drawing art, creating digital fine art, making web graphics, and so much more.  Graphic software programs like Adobe Illustrator are a good start and there are free alternatives to these types of programs, too such as Gimp and Inkscape.

Online portfolios:

Prior to digital technology, artists like Jon Rafman would have to hold an exhibition to display their artwork. Jon Rafman, artist, can upload some of his work onto an online gallery and share it with the world.  There’s a lot of programs to choose from like DayFlash (photography), ArtStation(2D and 3D artists), Dribble, Behance, and more. 

Digital tools:

Njideka Akunyili Crosby, contemporary artist sold her pieces for around $100 when she first started out to now selling them for more than $3 million. Although she’s a traditional painter, from time to time, she probably uses digital tools to create her masterpieces.  From drones to 4K 3D live production cameras, and everything in between, digital tools are reshaping and bringing a change to every form of art.

Robots and AI:

It’s hard to believe but robotic artwork is a staple of the current times.  Artists can program small machines to do a painting through algorithms.  It’s true.  There’s also AI-generated portraits and even lasers which can be used in the making of jewelry, wood carvings and glass creations. 

Many of the great technological inventions were made possible because of technological advances, and now the art world is experiencing that as well.

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