These 4 Qualities are what Make an Antivirus Solution Great

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Now into the third decade of the Internet as an everyday thing, antivirus software packages have become remarkably commonplace and widespread. Like any other product that starts being used on a daily basis, it resolves itself into different value levels in terms of price, substance, and ease of use.

Whether your budget is $0 or $1,000, there are still some fundamentals that every good antivirus software must have in order to get the job done and done right. No matter if you’re only using your computer to read emails and store photos or running an entire business on it, there’s considerably more peace of mind involved when you know that your antivirus software is keeping outside threats where they belong and ensuring that your financial information, personal documents, and vital data are all safe on the inside. Norton is one of the gold standards of the Internet community over the past three decades.

Here are a few characteristics that every great antivirus software package must-have.


A great interface for every user

Let’s face it, most people don’t know the difference between malware and spyware. They just want their system to be safe, fast, and functional. For that reason, there needs to be a clearly designed dashboard in a place that will help users understand their options, the risks, and what they need to do to keep their system safe. Most antivirus packages are going to run scans daily and weekly looking for trouble, but not everyone knows what to make of that trouble. When there is clear guidance of the next step, the user feels like part of the process and in control of their own system.


A frequently-updated database

A lot of antivirus solutions are now using artificial intelligence (AI) to deduce what future malware will look like and anticipate threats instead of relying on a database of what has already been identified. This is probably the future of the industry, but the present needs that database to firmly lock down anything that should not be in your system. Frequent updates keep the newest threats from doing irreversible damage.


Quarantine powers

It’s great to be able to identify the bad actors in your system with a thorough scan, but the power to isolate them from any files that they might damage is the real champion in the antivirus market. When a threat is revealed, it can be a mad dash to see if it can be neutralized before it does more harm to your system. A quarantine might not be able to eradicate the file right away, but it can remove it from where it can do any damage.


Bells and whistles

The antivirus market is thick with competitors. To get ahead and stay ahead, companies need to offer a lot of extra incentives. A good place to start is with a virtual private network (VPN) which allows users to hide their Internet tracks and encrypt everything they see, say, or do online. Other extras that are nice to have include protection for your webcam and screen captures, along with firewalls that can keep out the big threats while your antivirus software handles the small ones.


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