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This New App, Xnspy, Can Spy On Any iPhone

Every other person you see today owns an iPhone, literally It’s pretty clear that Apple is now one of the most successful smartphone makers in the world and it generates billions of dollars in profits just from their iPhone sales. As newer models are introduced, people have to urge to buy them and each user has its own reason for why they choose the new iPhone. The most common reason of all is that it’s considered easy-to-use and secure. That’s why it was hard to find iPhone spying apps that could let you get into an iPhone without jailbreak.

But time is changing. Developers who are working on shaming iPhone’s security protocols have been able to do that time and again and since the inception of iPhone. It is now easier than ever to spy on an iPhone just as it is on Android or Blackberry devices. There are now lots of apps that claim to be the best spying apps for iPhone because they let you break into any IOS device easily. These iPhone spying apps are being marketed as legitimate security tools since they are actively used by parents and employers to track and monitor their kids and employees respectively.

Now the question of concern is how to know which app is the best when every other app says they are one of the best spying apps for iPhone? The spying apps that claim they will let you spy on iPhone and iPad often require a jailbreak. The IOS’s security restrictions require jail breaking the OS for the installation of third-party applications even if it is a spy app. It is not illegal to tamper the system but if you ever take your device for repair after its jailbroken already, you might not be entertained. Android handles things differently, by simply keypunching a box in your phone’s setting, it allows you to install third-party apps that are not on Googleplay store and you can easily get rid of them too.When an iOS device is jail broken, it removes all of the restrictions that are set by Apple and leads to extended functionality on the iOS devices. But still, it is a risky business. Why? Because jail breaking an iPhone not only voids the iPhone’s warranty but removes all of the security protections by Apple. Plus, you cannot Jailbreak someone else’s device without their knowledge even if it is your child.

Introducing Xnspy, a popular iPhone spying app

What if I tell you there is a spying app that doesn’t require Jailbreak and it’s compatible with all latest iOS? This popular iPhone spying app is called Xnspy. It picks data stored on the iCloud of the target user and displays it on a remote dashboard. Xnspy has both ‘Jailbreak’ and ‘No-Jailbreak’ editions available. Whether it is their text messages, call logs, social media conversations (that includes Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, Line, Instagram and more), emails, web browsing history, location, you will get to snoop on everything on the target iPhone.

The prerequisites of using Xnspy

The entire process of spying on an iPhone with Xnspy is neat and simple. You must have access to the following before moving forward with spying:

  • Target person’s iCloud credentials (Apple ID and the password of the iOS device)
  • iCloud backup must be enabled on the target device

Once you have this, you can get into someone’s iPhone in no time, without having to jailbreak their device, of course. Xnspy is compatible with iOS 11.4, too, which means, you can also spy on the latest iPhone models.In case you want to monitor an iPhone that’s already Jail broken, you can use Xnspy’s Jailbreak Edition to monitor it. In that case, you won’t need iCloud credentials because you will be installing Xnspy on the target iPhone. The price starts from $8.33 a month for the basic version and $12.49 for the premium subscription.

Do iPhone spying apps operate like malware?

It’s great that a spying app like Xnspy exists that can let us monitor someone’s iPhone but does it operate like a malware? No, not at all. An iPhone spying app is not meant to harm your phone or compromise the data available on it. It’s just meant to monitor a cell phone remotely and that too through consent.A malware is a software that is written for malicious purposes to begin with since it is designed to cause problems in a computer or phone. A spying app, on the other hand, sure tracks data but it does not make unknown changes to the settings on the iPhone.

So if you want to get into an iPhone without jail breaking it, know that there is an iPhone spying app for that.

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