Top 30 Picks for Managing Remote Teams During 2020 Lockdown

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Did you know that according to Fortune  magazine, health experts predict the COVID-19 pandemic could continue all the way to 2022? In other words lockdowns and remote working are here to stay, and businesses need to prepare for it.


With all that in mind here are 30 of the top tools that can get the job done:


  1. Zoom has become a staple communication tool for remote work. It allows video calls and conferences, screen sharing, and more.
  2. Controlio is a platform you can try to use an employee monitoring feature from Efficient Lab. It will let you keep tabs on your employees and their activity to boost productivity, improve security, and more.
  3. Skype is a good alternative to Zoom for video calls and conferences that integrates with Microsoft Office and Teams.
  4. Slack is an excellent tool for remote work teams to communicate and collaborate that makes managing projects and sharing resources a piece of cake.
  5. ExpenseTron is an addon for Slack that will make it easy for you to track employee bills and reimbursements.
  6. Trello is a popular project management platform that will let you organize your projects into cards and set rule-based triggers and automated workflows.
  7. Google Drive and its attached cloud-based office apps (Docs, Sheets, etc.) are a convenient collaboration tool when working on shared documents or resources.
  8. Box is another option that you could use to share files or collaborate. It has loads of app integrations too.
  9. Donut helps team members build relationships by pairing them up and scheduling meet-and-greets.
  10. Assembly is a platform that lets leaders provide recognition to employees. That is particularly important as 40% of American employees  felt they’d perform better if their work was recognized more.
  11. AwesomeBoss will let you recognize and reward team members on their birthdays, work anniversaries, or when they hit certain milestones.
  12. Emplify will give you a way to gather actionable feedback from employees and improve engagement.
  13. is a user-friendly project management and collaboration platform where you can define priorities, goals, and track work progress.
  14. Jira is a powerful project management tool that is perfect for large-scale projects. It specializes in technical projects and software development.
  15. Asana is a simpler project management tool, but it has an impressive free plan that includes all the essentials to coordinate a project.
  16. Smartsheets is a unique online project management platform that is built around spreadsheets and has various collaborative features baked in.
  17. Miro is an interesting visual collaboration tool perfect for brainstorming and will let your team work on mind maps, whiteboards, diagrams and more.
  18. Lastpass will let remote workers keep track of their account and password details for various platforms.
  19. Okta is another platform to manage sign-ins and will even provide push notifications.
  20. Docusign is a tool to sign documents electronically, which will save both time and paper.
  21. Zapier will allow you to connect apps and create workflows that will automate tasks and help you save time.
  22. Giphy is a tool to create GIF-like videos that you can share to add humor to interactions. It integrates with most platforms.
  23. Every Time Zone is a convenient tool to schedule across the different time zones of participants.
  24. Udemy is a massive online learning platform that is a great option to upskill and provide training for employees.
  25. HabitShare is a way to provide virtual health and wellness to remote workers by creating, tracking, and sharing goals.
  26. Google Tab Groups is part of the Chrome browser and will help clean up the mess for anyone who has the habit of keeping lots of tabs open.
  27. Dewo is a tool that can help you focus by blocking notifications from other apps, and scheduling meetings more efficiently.
  28. I Done This will keep remote teams in sync by providing a daily status update all in one place.
  29. ZenDesk is one of the best helpdesk platforms for customer service, and its ticketing system is just as useful to provide assistance to remote teams.
  30. Loom is a simple screen recording app that can act as a convenient way for remote workers to record and share what they’re working on.



As you can see these tools will help ensure your business and its remote workers are prepared for the long haul. By taking advantage of them you can not only increase efficiency and productivity, but also make it easier for your remote workers to stay on track.

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