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Top 5 tips when choosing a video recorder

There are a ton of options in the market if you’re out to snag yourself the ideal video recorder that is versatile and optimized to enhance the quality and connectivity of your videos. states that video software is fundamental in creating quality content and to make sure you’re all set to have an easy and effortless video recording be sure to check out these top five tips to consider when choosing a video recorder:

User Experience

If you’re new to video production it’s always the best practice to start with uncomplicated recorders to familiarize yourself with the basic functions before exploring more advanced options. What you want in a recorder is a user-friendly interface that will serve as your guide to learn the basics of production.

Beginners or not even an expert can appreciate a more streamlined software that allows for fast, efficient, and reliable recording.

It’s always good to try out free trials to gauge the quality of the recorder and determine if it’s suitable for your work, many companies provide free trials and one of the most popular being the video recorder by Ziggeo.

Recording Parameters

Being able to experiment with different recording and editing controls and features are a must to achieve quality output. Not to say that having a broad parameter of control is a must but it is ideal because as a creator there will be many instances wherein you’ll be changing the resolution, frame, audio, volume, etc.

Some video recorders have special features like allowing capture keyboard output in multiple ways and users of the video recorder by Ziggeo enjoy a light indicator to indicate if there’s enough light along with a face outline that guides your face to proper positioning.


Many video recorders have their integration set-ups and it’s highly recommended that you do your research thoroughly to be able to maximize the use such as the video recorder by Ziggeo that supports automatic upload of videos to Youtube or Vimeo direct from the accessibility of the dashboard.


To determine the performance of your video, analytics must be part of the video recorders’ functions. This will allow the user to be able to gauge and track the performance of their work with their chosen metrics such as viewer demographics, locations, and top referral URLs. Pro tip: Skeleton Productions, created 7 key metrics to measure the success of your content that you can use as a reference.

Many recorders have this set-up in their integrations like the video recorder by Ziggeo is linked with Google Analytics.


Prime security is a must to be able to protect your videos from an unwanted audience by allowing the user to be able to seamlessly configure the permission settings of certain videos. The video recorder by Ziggeo also has a feature in its security that allows specific viewers to be able to watch, record, and re record videos.

These five tips are the basic fundamentals there are when it comes to choosing a video recorder and aside from this be sure to note any other factors that you will feel is a must-have for you. Explore your options and start your search with the video recorder by Ziggeo and enjoy a 30-day free trial!

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