Top 6 Lightest PC Screen Recorders

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Currently, many people are looking for the easiest PC Screen Record application, to do screen recording on a PC. As a result, we will recommend the easiest PC Screen Record application in this article. Of course, on the use of this application, it will record for tutorial steps or even for game gameplay.


Are you curious about what applications we will recommend? Okay, let’s just read this article to the end!


The Lightest PC Screen Recording Application


Here are recommendations for the lightest PC Screen Record application :


  1. Windows 10 Game Bar


Are you a Windows 10 user but don’t know and are confused about how to record the screen using what application? Therefore, you try this application that we recommend, namely Windows 10 Game Bar.


So this application also has its advantages, you know, the advantage is that it has a DVR feature that can make the quality of recorded video results smoother. You can use this application with the lightest capacity Guys.



  1. Bandicam


This application also has several features that are quite complete so that there is no time limit for recording.


However, it’s a shame that you can only use this feature if you download the registered version of Bandicam. Well, to get and use the Bandicam application, you can install the Bandicam Screen Record application from the site, guys.



  1. RecordCast Free Online Screen Recorder


What’s even simpler is this third application list, Guys. You can run this lightweight PC Screen Record application that comes from a web-based. This application is highly recommended for those of you who want to record a PC screen simply.


If you want to record a PC screen using this application, you can just go to visit the official website of RecordCast.



  1. IceCream Screen Recorder


With a friendly and quite simple appearance, it is not surprising that this application is one of the prima donnas for its users.


However, what is very unfortunate is that you can only record for a short duration, which is 10 minutes.



  1. Flashback Express


If you need to record games or footage from a webcam, you can really use the Flashback Express application! With a very good interface, multiple output format options, and a built-in video editor, the application can be the right choice.


This free version of Flashback Express is claimed to not leave a  watermark that spoils the aesthetics of the video and does not limit our recording time. The interface is also simple and not as complicated as the OBS Studio screen recorder application, so beginners can understand it easily.



  1. VLC Media Player


Now at the end of this, there is VLC Media Player, many people don’t know that this application can record screen or Screen Record. This usual application that you know is for video playback applications that you often use on Windows-based computers.


This capacity has a small file but to have many features is one of the virtues of this application so that it can also be a PC Screen Record for Windows 7, you know, Guys.



That’s the recommendation for the easiest PC Screen Record application at this time. Have any of the applications above been used, or have you used them? Leave a comment down below.

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