Top 7 high Secure Mobile Apps to Store Images and Videos
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Top 7 high Secure Mobile Apps to Store Images and Videos

We live in an era where secured mobile application to store pictures, and videos have become a necessary facet of our lives. These secured mobile online storage apps have efficient performance and prove to be convenient in comparison to hard drives. Online photo storage also eases out the task of sharing files with others.

Free cloud storage is the technological method by which digital data is secured and cached for usage by a computing device or other associated ones. A crucial component of information technology (IT) segment, across the globe, is anticipated to spend about $51 billion in 2019. Data storage consists of primary storage, or main memory and secondary or auxiliary storage.

Let’s check out the top 7 high secured photo storage app to store pictures and videos.

  • Amazon Drive

Amazon Drive is an ideal cloud storage provider for people who prefer to use Amazon Prime. The users of Amazon Prime acquire 5GB storage for a free and unlimited room for a year by paying $60.

Users can also utilize it if they do not make use of Amazon Prime, but it will cost about $12 per year. Users can access their files anytime while being online.

  • Dropbox

Dropbox is among the best android apps all the time. Dropbox comes with the auto-image upload, swift sharing alternative, newly launched Android design components, support from Microsoft Office, and the potential to send files to others.

It is an excellent alternative with a handful of properties. Single accounts come with 2GB for free of cost, and other options are 1TB for $9.99/month, and $19.99 choices offer the same storage with more advanced properties.

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  • Flicker

Flicker is known as the top photo storage app for Android as well as iOS platforms. Flicker account which comes with 1TB storage capacity can be used at free of cost. The alternative is “Auto-update” can also be used.

The Pro account alternative is available for $5.99/month, it permits properties such as advertisement free browsing, top figures for your photos and auto upload of images from computing devices, but the storage capacity remains 1TB.

  • Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive is known to be the Best Photo Storage App. The cloud services of Microsoft OneDrive helps the users to automatically backup the photo, which exits on their devices. A single account offers 5GB of cloud storage, and users can allow “camera upload” properties from settings in iOS as well as Android platforms.

It doesn’t come with an alternative to restrict uploads on Wi-Fi networks, so it will upload images and videos directly from the camera if mobile data is switched on. For extra storage capacity, paid alternatives initiates from $1.99/month for 50GB and 1TB its available at $6.99/month.

  • Shoebox

Shoebox is available free of cost and is used for photo backups from mobile appliances. Users can sign up for free accounts, and the application will instantly create backups of all pictures and videos on the cloud.

It offers the users with the facility of unlimited storage for pictures in premium quality and a 15-minute video.

The app also permits backups of the photo uploaded on Facebook when the user links it to their Facebook account. Video backup is optional, and users can disable it from app settings.

  • Snapfish

Snapfish is an application which holds unlimited free storage capacity and print alternatives. Users can avail 50 free picture print for a month on sign up. Simple to upload pictures from camera roll and social media accounts.

For a particular approach of picture storage, the Snapfish application provides fascinating properties. Users can avail unlimited free storage capacity at full picture resolution, but they need to pick those pictures which they desire to store manually.


  • Ever

Ever is a storage application which holds top notch security and is appealing in usage. It holds unrestricted photo storing capacity at high resolution. Users can touch ID to access the application. It has several editing functions which comprise overlays and stickers.

Ever is regarded as an application used for the security purpose on iPhone platforms. Its backup takes place while Wi-Fi is available by default settings. All pictures stored in Ever stay under the private custody of users unless they desire to share them.


Summing up,

The applications started above are simple to use and install. You should try properties of all applications and then ascertain which one is right for you.

Take into account that additional iPhone photo storage capacity which the users acquire by utilizing an application cloud service can also be used as a reliable backup of your cherished pictures.

There exist these most efficient picture backup and Cloud Storage App, and each one comes with its personal drawbacks and advantages, which makes them unique. It’s up to the user to decide which one is best for them depending upon their requirement.


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