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Top 8 Gadgets To Live A Cool Life

The only constant thing in the whole wide world of information technology is change. All the popular and technologically advanced gadgets and gizmos belonging to a wide range are obviously made to bring more convenience and comfort in our lives making ‘smart living’ an actuality, or as the urban dictionary would say, making real ‘a cool life’. From our doorbells, fans and air conditioners to our smartphones and smart watches everything essentially reflects domination of technology in our lives today.  Stable and sound internet however remains a prerequisite for experiencing the maximum advantage out of all the new technological gadgets these days. You can check Spectrum packages for availing the best internet deals. However the biggest challenge is not just to stay up-to-date, but to keep up with the pace at which technological advancement moves and making a wise decision while choosing a gadget to purchase.

Here we have compiled a list of some cool gadgets we liked, and we hope it helps you too if you are in the market for one or two:

1.    Amazon Echo

Siri is old news, the latest one we now have is Alexa introduced by Amazon. You do not require a phone or iPad with it because it comes in different shapes, and is hands-free. Ask Alexa anything and you will have a solution. Get to know about the weather, traffic on particular routes or how many songs Beyoncé has sung, control the lights in your surroundings with voice commands or listen to a song you want to and what not. You now have a personal assistant who is all yours!

2.    Sleep Number Bed

Gone are the days when we needed “smart” wristwatches to keep a check on our blood pressure, heart rate, footsteps, and all those basic things! Now, we have an IT bed also known as Sleep Number Bed, which monitors and analyzes your body movement, heart rate, and breathing trends while you sleep all night. It has some amazing sensors that boast the ability to analyze different habits while ensuring you get healthy and sound sleep. We cannot function properly with full zeal without getting proper sleep, right? Hence, sleep is crucial, serious business for sure. On top of that, this gadget gives you customized flexible firmness. Now you can safely tell everybody you have got the bed that takes care of you while you snore.

3.    Echo Show

It is not just the world that has evolved with technology rather technology itself is constantly evolving thanks to more researchers, experiments, innovations, and updates. We already have Google telling us how to do things in our lives, we have audio/visual tutorials describing things with examples, and we have Siri and Alexa giving answers to all the questions that pop up in our head every day. And now, the next step up in this direction has brought us to Echo Show which can in reality show you how to do things rather than just facilitating you with a vocal dictation. You can watch your video flash sessions, listen to music, and relish face-to-face calling without hands-free. You can attach it to your home security cameras and other monitoring systems. And, all you need to do is to ask Alexa to “show you the front door” when you want to see who is standing outside your house. It basically follows your echo, and responds to it – it can do more than what your original echo was able to do, way more than just creating noisy feedback.

4.    Wi-Fi Range Extender

This device is another amazing invention for the benefit of every kind of internet user. We all have some locations in our houses and offices where we do not get enough Wi-Fi coverage. This Wi-Fi range extender is the solution for all the issues you have had regarding internet coverage and reception due to shortness of range. As the name itself suggests it will stabilize your Wi-Fi connection as well as expand the wireless range. Wi-Fi range extender, ensures you get the best out of your internet connection.


5.    TrackR Pixel Bluetooth Tracking Device, Key Finder, Wallet Locator

If you are a forgetful person and misplace things quite often after keeping them somewhere in your sight, mostly the safest place you know, TrackR is here to rescue you. When you cannot find something at the exact moment you need it the most, such as  keys, wallet, remote control, you name it, this small and lightweight gadget will keep track of your misplaced belongings via a Bluetooth tracking device. All you need to do is attach TrackR to anything compact. TrackR finds lost objects within close range (up to 100 feet) through Bluetooth technology. You can also use the TrackR app to ring your device. In order to help locate things even better, it also comes with flashing LED lights to quicken your search.

6.    All new Fire Stick

If you are into binge-watching and like to totally engulf yourself with digital streaming, this device is a perfect fit for you! The latest All New Fire Stick would be one of the greatest news you have heard so far. Just connect it to your TV’s HDMI port and now you can watch over 250,000 shows from Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, HBO GO, etc. Start preparing for excuses for all your outdoor activities and your friends and family because you won’t get time for them anymore. Hi All new Fire Stick!  And Bye family and friends!

7.    The Sound:  Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker II

If you are a music lover, can’t go without music anywhere and instantly feel good after listening to some music, we have good news for you – now you can listen to your music practically anywhere. All thanks to the Bluetooth technology. Big sound in such a small speaker with a built-in speakerphone, which also lets you take your calls aloud. The battery is also reliable – it gives you around 10 hours of constant listening before dying. Then you have to charge it again, but it will survive for your entire day at the beach.

8.    Sound Wall

If you have an in-built aesthetic sense and have a knack for good art which also complements good music, you would know the chemistry between the two is absolutely unquestionable. Now just consider a gadget that gives you the luxury of enjoying both art forms in one. The Sound Wall like a fantasy gives you a thorough audio/visual experience where art exhibitions and classical music go hand in hand. All you need to do is to pick out the suitable Wall which connects your smartphone to the built-in speakers, and BAM!  You have it: the perfect setting.


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